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    Named and SHAMED - Massive info thread.

    Well hopefully everyone can move on from this and my comments. I propose we start anew.
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    Windows 7

    Sometimes the conotation or tone in the responses dont match how I mean to say things. I'll definitely cool off. I should also watch who/how I'm responding to. Like I said , thank you for writing back even though you didnt have to, it was a very stand up thing to do.
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    Windows 7

    Hey I didnt start this one. I just responded to others rude remarks and reps . Like I had said I would just lurk, but people want to pull my chain. read it all yourself.I appreciated the fact that you took the extra time to explain the way things work. I doubt youve been watching my "every...
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    Windows 7

    5 days or 5 hours , so what? At least you see the value in the responses. What does red a$$ mean? Like other people say , if you dont like my responses , ignore me. Speaking of passive agressive, yours are a bit more subtle.
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    Windows 7

    Read response #65 like 5 times in a row and dont try to "translate" it. take at face value. So what is the best way. Giving you neg rep on the drop of a dime? Whatever dude. Why dont you just have fun and get this back on topic. I've Installed windows 7 on my systems that were previously...
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    I havent seen this one up yet YouTube - spiderman fails wall flip Had me laughing out loud for a while after the fact
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    Name this Kit Contest

    Technicolor Dream Chrome-awzome Fincanial Binder - funny entry
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    Name this Kit Contest

    Merci Jayrob, on the link to the CHROMABLASTER ;)
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    got a nintendo wii =)

    @ C0ld You should get it chipped or modded, it would allow you play back ups of games and if you like the game you can purcahse it, if not your not out any $$.
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    Name this Kit Contest

    Hey Sightfx how much do these ChromaBlasters go for anyways?
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    should wesdaman be banned...AGAIN?

    Definitely Ban
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    Lava Micro FlexDrive Driver (lavadrive2) fits pens

    I think these( v5 flexs) are supposed to be able to give you 7-8 V Thats why i had asked for a "changelog"
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    Name this Kit Contest

    Im going to stick with the Chroma line of names Chromobridge ChromoBlaster <-- the winner ChromaBlaster
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    Windows 7

    i told him the site and what the topic was about.. what else could i have done ? Oh well , whats done is done.