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    WTS(Auction): The beast Laserglow Hercules 700 24/7 duty (532nm)

    After seeing the spec sheet I can confirm that this laser is for sure TEM01. Not TEM00 or near TEM00. I tested it back in the day on my bed which still has a burn mark in it. Used glasses to determine what mode it was. If you can buy this thing for around 500$ you'll for sure be happy with it...
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    WTS(Auction): The beast Laserglow Hercules 700 24/7 duty (532nm)

    I was the owner after Minamoto Kobayashi sold it to me. And after me this laser had another owner, who then sold it to the current owner. Buying this laser you'd be the 5th owner. Please be aware that it may have some flaws. At the time I still had it it was still very good, like new. But I...
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    Hey Alex. I'm doing alright, looking to get more into lasers again soon. I'm going to do a new...

    Hey Alex. I'm doing alright, looking to get more into lasers again soon. I'm going to do a new study that has lots to do with machining things such as hosts and many more things. By then I'll probably do more with lasers again as well.
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    Galaxy S7 Edge vs LG G5 vs Galaxy Note 6

    From the reviews I've watched/read, the S7 really seems to be one of the best phones, if not the best out there right now. You get an incredible dual sensor camera, an OLED screen and a micro sd card to expand your storage for cheap. What else would you want on a phone? I kind of get that you...
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    All in one thread for beginning hobbyists

    Sad to hear they both retired. Are there any other/new machinists that they got replaced with possibly? It is no doubt. That's how businesses work however. Just wait for his banners to be removed from the site at some point. That'll be the end of SciFi lasers I'm pretty sure
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    Get out and never come back.

    Get out and never come back.
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    All in one thread for beginning hobbyists

    Small update. Removed Thejoker301's website and profile links for obvious reasons. Would anyone mind taking a look at the sellers on the list and tell me if it is still up to date on that part? I haven't been checking the forums a lot as most of you know so some sellers may have retired and...
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    An Apology for Everyone

    Only just noticed it so I couldn't add any more. Not that I could come up with something better than what's in it though... I've seen this long coming. All there was to it was wait for the bubble to burst, which has finally happened. Now imagine this was already going on when I bought my laser...
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    Sci-fi Lasers SF501B 520nm ~200mW

    I'm still waiting on the power certificate from a laser I bought from him in 2014... TheJoker is literally a joke. Can't take this guy seriously anymore after the shitstorm he has caused here.
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    An Apology for Everyone

    At least this thread gave me one hell of a good laugh. Check out those tags! Don't think you would ever see those on a regular thread. Looks like it's good for something at least, right?
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    An Apology for Everyone

    So basically this is about the customers flooding you with orders and them being the cause they don't get what they pay for? I'm sorry but I've lost a lot of respect for you.
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    Can we paint an invisible laser beam to make it visible?

    You can't "paint" a laser beam. A laser beam is like sunlight, you can't just go and grab it and paint it. You can however set up crystals to change the wavelength of the light thus making it visible. How you would do this with a 700nm wavelength I do not know. Maybe someone else can give you a...
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    Sanwu Spiker Series lasers: 1 Watt 520nm and 638nm

    Haven't read your whole post, but just wanted to say that the hosts look awesome. Those are some quality hosts not many sellers offer. Have wanted a Sanwu laser for a long time but unfortunately cannot have one at this moment. Maybe sometime in the future.
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    All in one thread for beginning hobbyists

    Small update. Checked every link for possible dead links. Found out Mohrenberg quit his business so I removed both his website and profile from the thread. Every other link is still updated. Have a suggestion or addition to the thread? Feel free to PM me or post below.
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    How would you react if the reputation system is removed on LPF?

    Don't really care. The forum is probably best off having it removed to prevent people from getting butthurt about a negative rep.