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    got 3-D printer... Need parts?

    check out thingiverse.com, i guess it's the biggest repository for 3-d printable/laser-cut-able stuff on the web.
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    got 3-D printer... Need parts?

    I've made over a dozen parts for my projects - mostly LED clocks of a few different styles. For fun, I've made toys for the cat, an iPhone kickstand so our son's girlfriend away at school can join us for dinner, the OctoKitty, some rocket ships, LucyCat for my daughter's friend, a pentacle for...
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    got 3-D printer... Need parts?

    John at SD recommended it. Yours and Ian Johnson's.
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    got 3-D printer... Need parts?

    I got the Sollidoodle2. I love it. it's been very robust indeed. For about $550, an assembled, tested, 3-D printer is a good deal. while I did have to re-install the software twice, if I subtract the time for the first software install and removal, I started my first print within an hour...
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    got 3-D printer... Need parts?

    Hey all, Haven't been around here in a bit, I took a big dive into 3-D printing. Recently got my Solidoodle2, got it all tweaked up, running like a champ. Just figured I'd put it out there, if anyone needs some custom plastic parts, just PM me, and we'll talk. Currently only printing in...
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    Simple way to keep the switch down on a newwish pointer?

    Velcro. you can find the double-sided stuff at some hardware stores,it just wraps around itself and grabs on tight... Or you can get the much-easier-to-find adhesive-backed stuff and tape the hook side to the loop side and you're done. I have some double sided velcro I'll send to you if you want.
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    Kiyoukan - No Response

    Protecting buyers? I doubt that. Paypal gets their 2.9% from SELLERS, not buyers.
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    Not exactly laser related but...

    Look up a 'SpitzSTP" on PhotonLexicon. He is VERY active in the Planetarium Projector world, and can probably give you some great info, and maybe even some parts... Plus he's a very cool dude too...
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    A little something different

    or... Uranium Glass. but that's gonna co$t. I'm going to have to pay a visit to my pals at the local glass shop and see what they have that I can shine a laser through...
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    A little something different

    Joyee - wanna give a great look to your leisure then interact with me... thanks for looking, but it seems you're a-spamming....
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    A little something different

    Hey all, I am stewing on an idea, and I have a question - hopefully there's a simple answer out there... I'd like to make something similar to an old-school radar screen. It'd be a disc with a hole in the center. Thru the hole in the center, there woiuld be a small FS mirror mounted at a 45...
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    Rant: Car Fuel expensive !!

    does your country have it's own oil? if not, you're at the mercy of the oil co's and oil people around the world - and none of them are nice to their customers.
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    Laser Harp kits - Batch 2 - Finished

    Re: Laser Harp kits - Batch 2 - 10 left! I'm still thinking about mixing some red into the blue, but the prob I have is that my Blue uses analog modulation, and my red uses a grounding modulation... I'm also still thinking about finishing my harp too... ;-)
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    Cat sliding tutorial

    I did... my cat was less cooperative than your cat. FAR less cooperative. But I didn't need any stitches, so it could have been worse.
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    Arduino Anyone?

    in all reality, in the average R/C device, there is no need for an arduino... it;s when you want to automate it, GPS it, take pics with it, control LED's on it, and so on... you'd be better off determining what you want to do with your R/C vehicle, then use the Arduino as the solution, then...