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    The Lizard laser ( 445nm labby )

    Re: Blue Destroyer ( 2 W 445nm ) Here's my solution to 12V and 1.8A: 18V 5W Cree Circuit Board for Flashlights (16.8mm*5.5mm) - Free Shipping - DealExtreme You will need to solder a 0.50 Ohm resistor on top of the 0.20 Ohm sense resistor. That will give you around 1.75A. I've built several...
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    Silicone Wire! Dirt Cheap!

    I subscribe to mastitation. It's a gentle blend of meditation and masturbation. :p
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    Silicone Wire! Dirt Cheap!

    That was a lot of reading just to be able to say I'll take 200ft. Dave
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    Cheap(er) 12x Diodes/Sleds Reviewed!

    Since you are new to lasers, and since this is a thread dedicated to 12X 405nm diodes, never mind the vice - get a suitable pair of safety glasses/goggles. Also, I wouldn't recommend using thermal glue for that purpose. Dave
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    The "Blue Ninja" - 445nm 1,700mW DIY Creation

    It could, and may very well be, more than one thing. If you want to try and find out, then start my measuring the sense resistor - it should be 0.2 Ohms. If you can't measure the resistance for one reason or another then try to measure the voltage across the sense resistor while the circuit is...
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    The "Blue Ninja" - 445nm 1,700mW DIY Creation

    Re: The "Blue Ninja" - 445nm DIY Creation rhd, I use that driver in all of my 445 and 405 builds. I made my own boost and/or buck drivers until I found this one for $1.99. I've used at least 6 or 7 of these and have yet to have one fail. I modify the sense resistor to output from 300mA up...
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    Do the Dr. Lava optics correction lenses provide any beam expansion/mrad improvement?

    I last heard from Dr. Lava on the 11th of Nov. - apparently the manufacturer had to re-coat some of the lenses. Dave
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    SF-BW512L 12x BR sled GB *CLOSED*

    It showed up today - thanks qumefox. Dave
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    SF-BW512L 12x BR sled GB *CLOSED*

    I'm still waiting, but I'm sure it will arrive this week. Dave
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    XJ-A150 News

    good luck :pop:
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    O-LIKE 12x SF-BW512P SLED $50.99

    I wonder if O-Like would offer a quantity discount through a GB? Dave
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    Lighting wood on fire 3.2W 445nm

    Awesome song....I'm mean laser :yabbem:. I'm planning a similar build - just waiting on the corrective optics from drlava. Did you knife edge the beams together? Dave
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    SF-BW512L 12x BR sled GB *CLOSED*

    Re: SF-BW512L 12x BR sled GB *CLOSED* *NOW TAKING PAYMENTS* And I don't like other people paying for my hobby :shhh:. Especially since you've done the leg-work. Count me in for an equal portion of the losses. If I'm the only one, then it's $25 each ;). Dave
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    SF-BW512L 12x BR sled GB *CLOSED*

    Re: SF-BW512L 12x BR sled GB *CLOSED* *NOW TAKING PAYMENTS* Any shipping info? :)
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    445 power should be higher?

    I'm not sure from your post if you've verified that the diode current is 1A, with the 10440s and the pot to max. If you did, then do you have sufficient heat sinking? And if 1A only gives you 630mW from a cold start with sufficient heat sinking, then it might just be a low efficiency diode...