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    This is funny, I just logged in after sooo long. I bought something from yobresal so many years...

    This is funny, I just logged in after sooo long. I bought something from yobresal so many years ago and now I'm trying to find where those messages are cause I need to get a new battery for the laser..can't remember the type.
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    Other Uses for Hosts!

    This is an interesting point. Its true that vape batteries are almost the same as lasers I'm sure there probably are members on this community that have utilized their long love for lasers and turn their lasers into vapes perhaps.
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    Use a laser to Vape - E-Cig

    Hey guys, its been a long time :wave: I tried searching this and did not find too much that was related, so if there is a relevant post please link this. Anyways, I started vaping a bit, and a co-worker and I came up with a funny idea of using an alternative way to burn the VP/PG (e-juice). A...
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    crazy ex girl friends mom leaves a nice message ;)

    Haha I just saw this thread.. OMG you guys wouldn't believe how crazy she is.. the girl (my ex) she was 18 at the time..
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    Can you guys checkout and "like" my friends art page

    It's on Facebook.. shes actually pretty good and all she wants is people to see her art. :yh: https://www.facebook.com/NaviMoonArt there it is, she has some very interesting and a very different approach to it. btw if your wondering she uses some sort of adobe program to digitally paint...
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    Is this battery rechargable?

    Thanks guys ..lol I usually charge my batterys in an ammo box ..like outside.. so I'll be safe enough to charge it now that I know. once again thanks, Ive been trying to use this 100mw laser for the longest time but wasn't sure if the battery is rechargeable.
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    Is this battery rechargable?

    So look at these and do you guys think if they are in fact rechargable would these battery chargers work.. The charger on the left normally charges a 14500 3.7 li-on battery that says" rechargeable" on it The charger on the Right charges a 18650 200mAh 3.7V Li-on battery.. it also says...
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    offers for my 500mw tiny yobresal blue and others.

    Here is my 500mw yobresal tiny laser it was modded by yobresal so its NOT 5-mode its only one mode which is HIGH mode as you can see in the video heres my 100 mw laser that uses a cr 16340" Image - TinyPic - Free Image Hosting, Photo Sharing & Video Hosting hopefully you can see its...
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    crazy ex girl friends mom leaves a nice message ;)

    Crazy ex girl friends mom calls , and decides she can walk all over her boyfriend, thought someone might laugh at this. ?v=ZsQBzPO62Vk
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    Does Dino Direct even sell lasers anymore?

    so those three websites are all ran by dinodirect?
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    Does Dino Direct even sell lasers anymore?

    Title says it all, I searched before i posted this, so what happened with them?
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    Playing with laser glow board and mirrors

    We just use my laser to shine it across my room at the glow board and anything else that reacts to the light.
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    DIY glow board?

    Wow on tv I actually saw a 1800 commercial for kids. they are advertising selling two most likely 405nm laser or as they call " drawing wonds" and give 3 green glow in the dark pads and like 4 other colors.. in the commercial they were saying how u can play "laser tag" and do other activities to...
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    DIY glow board?

    lol as i spam my thread... jk
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    Playing with laser glow board and mirrors

    Like I stated in the OP I made the glow boards with GITD paint straight out of wal mart, im sure there are a lot higher quality paints i could have used, but this works for me as you can see in the video. it really is fun just getting bored one day at night and playing with it with my gf she...