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    Can a laser be made out of a ...

    Short answer: No.
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    using a laser in a riot

    I always belive in having the right tool for the job. Don't these guys own any guns? they are far more effective at getting the point across then rocks, molotovs and lasers. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=ncdXfUAkMUI Worked for those guys.
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    Vacation 25th-1st

    Thanks for letting everyone know your house will be unoccupied and robber friendly from 25th-1st. Shouldn't be stating shit like that in public forums filled with strangers
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    FDA took me laser :(

    Had the same thing happen to me (health canada is the FDA equiv for canada), and 2-3 months later I got the letter and paperwork. Your options are as follows: 1. Take them to court, pay fees and try to convince you should get your item. 2. Write to the gov and give concent to forfiet & destroy...
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    You're Welcome

    *cough* Jailbait *cough*
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    Coil Gun Build

    Re: Coil/Rail Gun Build That would be a coilgun, railguns are different on that they accelerate via Lorentz's force between two rails contacting the projectile. Its a nice little kit, later on you can try out more stages with iron coil houses for even greater velocity. (If I read right yours...
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    What Kinds of Internet Browser do you Use?

    Thats whats nice about CCleaner, it covers everything. the next stage of deletion from that is full drive wipes for system essential files and your own custom/personal ones.
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    What Kinds of Internet Browser do you Use?

    Yeah, I wipe free space everyday, as per the second part.. Uhh.. no comment. :beer:
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    What Kinds of Internet Browser do you Use?

    I've been a pretty loyal IE (was running 8) user, and a few days ago a friend of mine talked me into giving firefox a shot. Holy shit what differance, regret now not having used it before, it literally loads 5X faster, and I like the add-ons like adblock+, noscript, requestpolicy and ghostery...
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    Fun with 770V

    Thread jack?! Moar tube porn plz....
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    Fun with 770V

    No, 32KJ (32,000J) would be about 70 of my capacitors together. Electronics 2000 | Capacitor Charge / Energy Calculator W = ½ QV = ½ CV2 There is no chance in hell that cap is 4 millifarads (4000uF), so the MFD abbrevaition must be for microfarads. (4uF)
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    Fun with 770V

    Looks like 4MFD written on it, so probably 4uF @ 4KV (32 joules of pulse power to play with) its made by general electric, and the very buttom is a P/N or model I suppose.
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    Fun with 770V

    My hobby budget is limited .. and copper isn't cheap lol, so scrap AL works. the car needed money put into it with repairs and stuff... stupid ringlands. Once I find the time and spare funds....mucho copper will be needed. The goal is to provide enough instantanios power to a TI-84 calculator...
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    Fun with 770V

    Ah, I misread to what you refered to, but since on the topic; 9A peak current doesn't really mean much with its pulse lenth, sure it will work for low gate charge fets, but with the bricks im using its useless. All they are really good for is to drive a highside driver, adding extra parts to the...
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    Fun with 770V

    Easier? yes. you can slap a UCC pair in there. From my past experience though, Ive grown to hate UCCs and other GD ICs with a great passion. unrelaible, more suseptive to RF interferance, can't push out any decent current (100ma or so for the majority) and expensive, since the bridge devices im...