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    NUBM44 Small Modular Build

    Wouldn't exactly call anything that can't fit in my pocket that portable but looks like a nice build :)
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    A 200W fiber coupled IR laser

    Booring, another non-portable unaffordable build... see this guy instead :)
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    Laser Spyro build

    Yeah its best to start small, once you figure out the optics with low powers its simple to upscale them
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    Building a "everycolor" / RGB >3W Laserpointer

    Don't get me wrong that's really cool, but wouldn't it have been easier to just add a Bluetooth module and link it to a phone app to control the menu?
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    Can cheap Chinese CC CV modules be used as laser driver?

    By all means if you have a scope buy away and test them for spikes before hooking them to a laser
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    Help - Designing for minimal divergence of low power NIR laser

    If the dot at say 20 feet is circular, its single mode. Otherwise if it is rectangular it is not single mode
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    Technical Question - 555 nm

    Necroposting is only bad when it leads to confusion and repeated discussions, but its cool to know Lasence was around in 2009
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    Can cheap Chinese CC CV modules be used as laser driver?

    Sure they might work but it will be cheaper and less heat-producing to just buy some AMC7135's for 10 cents a piece and make your own driver. See this post for wiring: https://laserpointerforums.com/threads/the-absolute-cheapest-proper-diode-driver.107361/
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    25$ 200 mw Green Laser pointer On Bestlaserpointers.com is a scam?

    Just resellers, probably not a scam but it's safer to buy from eBay or some other escrow that is able to refund you guaranteed if the laser arrives defective
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    Sanwu Lasers - Offical thread

    This has actually been an ongoing question for me, how does one calculate the theoretical limit of brightness perception of a given frequency as per Fechner's law?: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weber%E2%80%93Fechner_law#Fechner's_law I get that the relation is logarithmic, but how would one...
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    Looking for yellow laser

    Could it be LiLuF4 as proposed in this thread?: https://www.photonlexicon.com/forums/showthread.php/27001-Frequency-doubling-into-the-yellow/page7
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    looking for a diode in the 0-400/700+ nm spectrum with the highest power in the form factor

    LPF specializes more in visible wavelengths, but generic 1W IR laser diodes can be had for <$15 from eBay. Or you could even buy a used FAP or other fiber-coupled IR module for cheap second hand FYI, I have a 2W IR laser and electronic goggles through which I can see the beam... its not as fun...
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    Researchers achieve world's first manipulation of antimatter by laser

    Next up, using lasers to create antimatter (via the pair production mechanism)
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    26650 or 18650 configuration

    Personally I like to use the densest, largest possible batteries in my builds to maximize runtime
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    Looking for yellow laser

    Just saw there's this one too, but not sure how reliable: https://laserpointerstore.com/products/cni-glp-589nm-yellow-laser-pointer?_pos=1&_sid=b1cf1c251&_ss=r