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    SXD question....

    Well, I don't have it In a host yet, it's in 25mm copper module from Jordan with the driver bonded in the pocket. Luckily, I put a layer of blue tape with a cutout over the 8-pin before I bonded to the module. It poppe out with very little force . I only put the diode on the PS for a few...
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    SXD question....

    Really? It needs 12 volts to output max current? I thought a volt or 2 over drop was sufficient. Thanks!
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    SXD question....

    Anyone know if this driver is in "high" mode. If yes, why won't it drive a NUBM44-V2 above 3.5 watts? I'm powering it at just over 8 volts, and 5 amps on this setup with a 24v, 250w (10 amp) SOLA power supply..
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    Last Eghemus host with 505nm DTR laser module

    Brian, I'd REALLY like to get my hands on that Eghemus host. I'dd be willing to pay your full original asking price. You can check with many here as to my trustwortthiness. I'm even fully willing to pay before ship, and cover all paypal fees. Hope you still have it. Thanks, -G
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    Back from the hell and beyond.

    Kinda reminds me of some ranchers up in Big Sky country. Traded shots with the FBI for two weeks. Fuck Boys Inc finally said "ok we've had enough", and left. Good on you, brother! -G
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    UFO Sightings

    I've been busy and haven't been on in awhile, but this is an interesting subject. I ran across a list of all reported sightings back to, like, the 1930's, and noticed an interesting pattern. Every year sightings increased exponentially right before the summer solstice. And I do mean...
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    DIY mixer for laser tube gasses?

    What a sweet project! This guy just might have a bigger skill set than me. Heheh https://hackaday.com/2021/04/28/clever-gas-mixer-gets-just-the-right-blend-for-homebrew-laser-tubes/
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    Politics and General Debates Thread

    How about the FACT that Biden confessed, on national television, on a stage set for the Council on Foreign Relations (more swamp rats), that he bribed the president of Ukraine with a cool billion of U.S. aid money, and I quote "I'm only gonna be here for about another 6 hours, and if he's not...
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    Map of Members with Access to Laser Power Meters

    Hey Cy, you can update me with a 20w capable Hyperion Argentum.
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    Wow...."super chiral" laser...

    Just wow. The science of this is WAAAY above my pay-grade, but amazing none the less! Before today, I had never heard the term chiral. So many subjects excite the mind, so little time to study them all...
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    Looks amazingly like ours...😅

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    This battery chemistry almost ready for prime-time...

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    Invoice from Wicked Laser. Is this legitimate..?

    I'm thinking it's some kind of filter that cuts the beam power down to 20% for a sort of "orientation to lasers" thing.
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    Sounds too good to be true

    At this price point, I gotta wonder. I am tempted to go for it though. https://lcnbair.myshopify.com/products/laser-rust-remover?fbclid=IwAR2S7SynbmbxdvCbvJxnJG04JbFOgpjsaJCIq-0bS-SyxN5fUMnsDXjj7zs
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    Post your pics of unique builds no-one else has

    Holy CRAP!! Looks like you might need some counterweights on the back of that thing!