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    What's the deal with burning?

    So you're saying it's a better deal to get a laser to burn stuff, in the long run? Again, just checking we're on the same page here.
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    What's the deal with burning?

    Thanks for the reply. I'm not sure of your logic. Are you saying someone would buy a $200 laser for burning 'because they can'? There's a difference between a $1.50 BIC lighter and a $200 Laser. Also, wannaburnstuff, you're saying that people do it because of they like the idea they're burning...
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    What's the deal with burning?

    Now, this isn't a troll post and shouldn't be interpreted as such. If you don't like what I'm saying, leave. I'm not trying to have a go at anyone here. Simply put: What's the deal with burning things with lasers? Why would somebody spend $200 on a laser so they can burn things with it? I get...
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    1 watt lazer help a N00b

    OP: It's 'laser'; It can't be spelled any other way as it's an acronym.
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    FS: 18650 Build Kit! Easy Assembly! 445nm, Blu-ray, or Red...

    why do you use an actual flashlight instead of just buying the host? you could down the prices of your builds by 6-7$..here's the host for this build DealExtreme: $10.90 C6 DIY Cree LED Flashlight Full Casing/Shell with Driver Pill (2*CR123A/1*18650) and I have it, it's exactly the same
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    A140 diodes in stock! Not a GB! $42.50 Shipped!

    I emailed you ages ago for a diode, how long doe it take you to respond?
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    UPDATED - A140 Here - last 3 diodes availables

    I'd like to purchase one in an aixiz module
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    casio xj-a140 NO LONEGER A GROUP BUY 38.50$ shipped

    How do I pay?
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    Some question about Wavelength and Wicked Laser S3-Series...

    Light isn't a particle and it isn't a wave. Different types of radiation do indeed have different wavelengths and it isn't just how fast it oscillates it's the length of the 'wave'. Radiowaves have wavelengths measured in metres. The higher the wavelength, the lower the frequency.
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    What's a reliable setup for a 532nm, 100mW that will handle recoil and return to zero

    I can see my 1mw red's beam when I point it in the mirror and it reflects back at me, provided I'm in a smoky room.
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    New to lasers

    A 100mw laser's reflection of a white wall WILL NOT damage your eyes. Your eyes are fine.
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    New to lasers

    Woah, 200mw green for ~$22? Gotta be a scam.