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    445 vs. skin

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    I pointed out a Satellite, it signaled back!

    Well remember that satellites can fade quite fast... as in like a few seconds... if they have large reflective surfaces and are rotating quickly; or as they pass into the earth's shadow. On a related note, the other night I was out jogging and I stopped for a minute and saw something strange...
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    I wanna laser :D

    Enjoy your first laser. Remember that eye safety is extremely important, but at the same time, dont let people scare you into thinking that absolutely every situation needs safety googles. One of the main reasons lasers are so amazing is their vibrant color and the fact that they shoot out a...
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    Review: 200mW 532nm Green Laser Pen DX

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    Oh Good Lord, youtube video of a kid wrecking his eyes

    I came across this video today. It is of a young kid, who should definitely not have these lasers, "reviewing" some WLs, including the E3 advertised as 300mw. He purposely reflects them off of a mirror onto his face, and past his eyes. Its painful to watch. ‪Wicked Lasers Review‬‏ - YouTube...
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    Laser pointer&DPSS laser diode

    I prefer the super thin beam of a DPSS.... it just feels more 'laser' like. Also, why is this in reviews?
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    My homebrew SLR microscope

    Hey guys So I was just messing around with some of my Nikor SLR lenses, and discovered a longer focal length peering through a reversed lower focal length resulted in high magnification. I decided to see what 400mm peering through 17mm would do. The result was wonderful. Extreme...
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    New E2 Wicked Lasers Review!

    How old is your sister?
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    Scammed by scarlefwolf031

    Someone is screen shotting all of this right?
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    SOLD~400mW 405nm O-Like

    Re: FS/T: ~400mW 405nm O-Like Awesome laser. I LOVE mine. I cant believe how powerful blurays are. I was able to smoke my brown leather wallet from 40+ feet.
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    Review: Jetlasers 3x and 5x beam expanders

    Wait, I may misunderstand BEs, but arent they meant to expand the beam at the aperture so that it can focus at huge distances?... as opposed to using them to just defocus the beam into a large splotch?
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    What can I do till I get glasses

    Youre calling my post ignorant because I am clarifying what actually happens with laser eye damage? Gtfo. Its important to know what really happens, and to clear up misinformation for people who know nothing of lasers. To tell them they are going to go totally blind at the smallest mishap is...
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    What can I do till I get glasses

    Youre fine to use it indoors, just stay away from reflective objects. Lots of things carry the risk of physical injury or incapacitation including driving, guns, stoves, fireworks, motorcycles, swimming, dogs, etc... as long as you exercise due caution, you should be fine. What is the point of...