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  • hey, another thing. now that i think about it, can you change me from the AL3 to the
    KRY - UV, KTP, 190-579nm Protection

    Thank You!

    hey, on your link, with the AL3 goggles, you have them as
    "AL3 - VLT:19% - OD5+ (180-395nm), OD3+ (395-<<<<450nm>>>>)"

    note you have OD3+ for wavelengths 395nm - 450nm

    online on the actual website it says

    ANSI Z136 Specifications VLT Lens Color
    OD 5+ @ 180-395nm 19% Red
    OD 3+ @ 395-<<<540nm>>>>

    so you might want to change that, maybe more people will join the GB if they see that it actually protects for 532 as well.
    I may just take you up on that.... do you have a store I can check out to see what else you have for sale?
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