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  • hey thanks again paul . laser is good stuff . i think I want one twice or more as powerful as this one, next ! be nice if they made a 1-watt green hand-held laser eh ???
    I'm shocked you didnt get you battery yet??? Yea, I remember you ordered like 3 days before me! This is odd!!!
    I ordered mine earlier than you EM, i'm pretty annoyed as since i have only the laser & no tail cap or batteries!! Also, i've noticed that whenever i try talk to her on msn, i get 1 word answers!! So much for all the o-like great after sales reputation!! I'm so pissed off! & i will be more if i don't get all i asked for when i contacted!! I should've said i was gonna write a review too!!
    search for hallucynogenyc and albert91tgn on youtube, those are my accounts. There some laser related videos there ;)
    Your awesome man! Do you have anymore YouTube vids? If so I would love to see them! :D I'm sure once I receive this Laser I will be just as much of a sponsor as you :)
    Actually I'm not getting anything else than the pleasure to see I'm helping lpf members lol

    Today I even sent them an email in order to be able to advise people even better, I'll post the full conversation when I get the answers I needed ;)
    My review is getting them a huge ammount of sells lol. I hope you get a good unit ;)
    YOUR F'ing awesome man!!! hahaha I say this because I ordered from Ray about 2 hours ago, same Laser as you. Me and Faona have been sending messages all day. I just included what you told me in your message... "small divergence high power"... Funny thing is, is that it sounded like I knew what I was talking about (I also told her I was gonna write a review on the product) , which gives me a great chance of receiving the best possible Laser they can throw at me. She told me that it will ship by Jan 6th, after they get done testing it.

    Thanks for making me sound much smoother then I really am, much appreciated man! :)

    I owe ya! :)

    email rayfoss and write to Faona and ask for a good unit.. just include what u want your laser to have.. e.a small divergence high power.. good luck
    I got ya man, Im gonna do it now! :)

    BTW, how did you get Ray to ship your order seperatly (or did ya?). Im guessing that I just post the comment when I check-out on my paypal, and add an extra $6 for shipping.

    Thanks man, appreciate your help :)

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