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    Got some goggles but..............

    When i go to focus the beam, i sometimes cant even see it unless i shine it on a white wall then focus it. If i try and focus it on something black, i dont know where the dot is :-? Is there an easy way to be able to focus on something 15ft away? ( i can barely see it at 1ft away)
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    i was doing something similar when it was snowing here last week. pretty neat to look at 8-)
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    Physicists Make Artificial Black Hole Using Laser

    Re: Physicists Make Artificial Black Hole Using La Tomorrow! ohh nooooz! :o
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    World's first 22x dvd burner!!

    if you remember him saying they were never sold anywhere. He had access to the diodes and nothing more. Believe what you want.
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    painting aluminum

    k now whats the easiest way to remove paint from aluminum? I have an Atech 200mw red that is flaking and would like to clean it up a bit :)
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    World's first 22x dvd burner!!

    one of my lasers has a 22x pioneer open can diode in it ;D
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    Kenbarrel open can 270+mW laser build photos

    how much? will there be others made? Im interested in buying!
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    posci laser that fries cars!

    you should wear your safety goggles when playing with that one :o
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    Will be soon receiving $400 (UPDATE)

    Re: Will be soon receiving $400 bucks from Break.c so where is this video?
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    need help changing 10Mw $50 laser into burner

    hook it up directly to a car battery and let er fly ;D
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    Wasp nest removal, lasergeek style

    very classy 8-)
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    wanted-red burner in flashlight body for under $70

    Re: wanted-red burner in flashlight body for under hey sk8er, when do you think youll have more mag light lasers? says your out of stock :(
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    How to know when batt. is dead

    When i check my batteries full load (4.5v) it shows it as 4.52v but when i turn off the laser, it shows it as 4.1v :-?
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    OMG! what a deal! ill take 1 of each ::)
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    the truth behind ALL EBAY lasers

    so are we talking about ebay lasers in general or just the professional built ones? Cause i got one from there (diode, housing and driver) and its the best one i got right now (i got 3) My ebay one is even better than the Atec red i just bought. Just watch who you buy from is all and their rating.