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    Banning Arenared?

    I didn't know tech_Junkie was banned!
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    FS: MXDL Silver Kits

    Hey moh! If you buy it with a driver is the driver already installed and you solder the wires from the driver to the diode in the aixiz module? Thanks.
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    FS: MagLite LED Upgrade Kit - Color Options

    Looks cool! I've been looking for a tiny coloured light that can be bought as a set for rgb. Might buy three somtime when I get the money and time.
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    MagLite Solitaire LED Upgrade Mod

    Hmmm. So there 3mm leds by the look of it. I'd be interested if they were p7 leds >:D!!!!!!! Still interesting.
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    Need Opinion on New Custom Host design

    OMGOMGOMG I LOVE IT! Amazing design Ehgemus! Make a version of this with diodes plox? That would be awesomeeeee!
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    WTB: Used Flexdrives (V3 or V4)

    Tell me about it Dr-ebert I've killed too many flexdrives then I want to know.
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    Custom Host for O-Like Module

    Got my host :D!! It looks great! The setscrew doesn't change it's looks at all! The switch is a bit... um.. finicky. I just look it and my o-like module works great it! I would be happy to buy from you again :3!
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    FS: Pailide Laser Kit

    So the drivers already in the host riggggggght?
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    What does it mean?!?  (your name that is)

    Re: What does it mean?!?  (your name that is) Well erm. E = First letter of my last name. K = well I just like K U = U which means you. But really I just wrote some random cool name that popped into my head.
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    [Laser Burning] Creative Items!

    Thats pretty cool Firemylaserfunny it still works AND looks cool!
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    feeler: stainless buck rogers laser/ray gun

    Three words. I love it. You MUST make a diy o-like module kit! (or diode)
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    Custom Host for O-Like Module

    Hey man, I havn't got mine yet.
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    you guys ripped me off, then banned me

    USE THE THREAD JACK LUKE! All your thread belong to trollz.
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    -200mW+ Laser Pointers in Great Sales!

    Don't start that shit >_< >> << >_> <_< ^.^ ^^ Now whyed I do that O_o?