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    Videos from youtube you wish to share.

    Jeez jerry, you need to really go and take a chill pill. At the end of the day, you should be acting like the bigger man but you're not which is a bit sad :crackup: Anyways, going back to topic: - A great video by NurdRage on how he's battling how to produce sodium using alcohol catalyzed...
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    Three (3 ) Axis Adjustable LD Mount

    I wonder if you can get it smaller to fit the smaller diameter modules. Now that would be neat :beer:
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    Morons with Drones.........

    The thing is, you need to get PRETTY close to the engines for the drone to get sucked in. At that point, it's not even worth it because your camera would be too zoomed in to even see. Also, some cameras are quite inaccurate when it comes to showing distance; so sometimes we won't even know how...
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    Hello from Canada!

    Welcome to the forum! :beer: As always, make sure to get some safety gear like glasses and since you're new; to get into the habit of using the search function as it's a godsend for quick info!
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    Wow.. Just Wow... Google is spying on you...

    spooky stuff right there, never know what google does behind the public image
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    Beam combining && Beam Splitting

    Holy moly, that's looks amazing! Looking at it makes me jealous xD
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    Hi everyone

    Welcome to the forum! Since you work in a lab, you know all of the safety stuff so at least that's out of the way! Have fun! :beer:
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    A 488 edition to the collection!

    NOW THAT'S WHY I LOVE 488. I'm super jealous Simon, hopefully you have some good times with that beautiful laser!
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    Videos from youtube you wish to share.

    Here's a really cool but recent video by SciShow!:
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    Hello from India

    Welcome! Like everyone is saying, try to obtain proper gear like glasses to prevent your retinas from being burnt out. You want them to see the cool stuff you can do! Also, if you got a question; make sure it isn't answered already by someone else in the past, which is why I recommend the search...
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    PCB Vise....

    That would have been great when I was making my FM transmitter. Unfortunately it didn't work great but that was probably due to the poor solder I bought. I wonder if there is a size limit that you can use with the vice, because I can imagine it being an issue for bigger PCB boards.
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    new laser show "hot damn"

    Looks amazing Swami, I have always found your laser shows stunning so it's great to see them! TY for sharing!
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    Help with Wicked artic s3 2W

    Yeah, warranty is probably your best bet because if it's still valid; and you try to tamper with it, it will invalidate it. Maybe query WL and see what they can do. If you're buying a new laser, don't get a WL one :wave:
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    Hello From London (is there anyone else)?

    Oh wow, I live in Enfield so we are pretty close by. I like the idea of the comparisons, so far members haven't taken photos with equipment such as that; so it would help out with trying to see how it looks visually instead of using LPM's etc. Some of us like the visual aspect more than pure...
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    Hello From London (is there anyone else)?

    Yep, I live in North London! So far, customs have been great so far to me and nothing has been damaged. Usually, you'll receive packages with Royal Mail, and in my opinion are amazing. They are quick, cheap and will get the job done without damaging too much. I doubt a laser would get damaged...