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    Member Laser History Compilation

    I do, i just have been SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO busy for a really long time. I will try and update all the stuff thats been added. -Dough
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    Dragonlasers Spartan GW 300 review

    lmfao timelord...what has this place become... i havent been on here for a couple of weeks cause i moved to connecticut, seems like it went right down the shitter ::) oh well, it was gonna happen sooner or later -Dough
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    *** SECOND LPM GB *** Laser Power Meter $160

    bump...whats the deal with these things? -Dough
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    GB laser barrels

    how about mauve annodizing? Mauve is a pretty sweet color.... or tangerine? ;D Silver would be best, black is good, gold...eh. I dont really care, these are gonna rock regardless ::) -Dough
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    Best when they come in Pairs 300 Green and 30 Blue

    Re: Best when they come in Pairs 300 Green and 30 you need to build yourself a high powered red to go along with that greenie to REALLY get into the christmas mood! ::) Nice gifts! enjoy them, and as always, be careful. -Dough
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    *** SECOND LPM GB *** Laser Power Meter $160

    EXCELLENT!! Just in time to finish playing with what i got for christmas and move onto playing with my LPM-1 ;D -Dough
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    We had a group-buy for an LPM-1 power meter that combines the meter and sensor with graphing capabilities. Excellent unit, mine should be arriving any day now ;D. If you can rally up enough interest (about 10 or so people) than maybe another GB could be organized. The going price, fully loaded...
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    Interest guage - 200mw 660nm red pointers...

    800th reply to this thread! w00t!! -Dough
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    Member Laser History Compilation

    Indeed pseudo, I think its great to have a high average but a stable laser is nice, you almost ALWAYS know where the power is at and dont have to worry about it fluctuating, peaking, then dropping as such. -Dough
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    **** True >200mW 532nm S-KY PGL-200 handheld laser

    Re: **** True >200mW 532nm 'Aries' like handheld l I seriously doubt that Jack is worried about losing buisness to a one time group buy. He does, however, know a decent amount about lasers, quality, etc. I doubt he believes that if he gets you guys to not spend 400 bucks on this laser, that you...
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    PS3 up for trade/sale

    OHH TOMMY I WANT IT. Ill give you my bank account number and acess code so you can just go in and take out however much money you think the PS3 is worth, and just send it to me whenever you get a chance ::) -Dough
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    Want to buy lasers

    OUCH! Hahaha, you dont know jack ;D classic greg haha. Yea, you cant just go to vaisho and purchase a laser, that website is there just to show what they manufacture, and they sell to re-sellers and distributors, like jack at optotronics. So if you like the lasers there, give Jack a call, you...
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    Two new "X-Series" Lasers!

    itll be over-rated, under-speced as usual I presume, I think they just decided to make a slightly larger gap because the x-105 is no longer their highest model. It will still burn matches, my x-85 burns black matches in about 1 second, but I think they mean all matches, reliably, and psosibly...
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    Help making a laser

    All he has to do is spend ONE hour just skimming some of the posts int he experimetns section... and i guarentee almost ALL of his questions would be answered. This forum is great casue theres so much information available, but its useless if people dont read it! -Dough
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    Laserglow VEGA-10  Review/Pics

    looks awesome man! no suprise that they did you well over at laserglow... Lets see some burning action! haha, i'd be impressed ::)' -Dough