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  • Well i was reading your questions to maximumpc and you will be dissappointed at the 1mile beamshot cause im at work and there is a watertower about a mile away and you barely could see the beam on the tower. That is with a fully charged batt and the normal lens on not the training lens. I could smolder the post on my back porch last night but it wouldnt light. The dot is actually a rectangle and to be honest the arctic really was not as amazing as some of the home builds ive seen on LPF. My friend has a WL green laser pointer not sure what model but its pen size and it is very visible on the watertower. Now the arctic with the full power lens (which is nothing but a pain of glass) when shined on my arm for a second (literally 1sec) did burn my arm and I sure felt it. It didnt cut electrical tape as fast as some of the 1W lasers ive seen on youtube and was kinda disappointed at that but is very bright on objects of around 25yards or so fyi.
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