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    WTS: 12x 500mw Blu-Ray

    Fixed! Thanks ;)
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    WTS: 12x 500mw Blu-Ray

    Green is sold from package, so, lowering overall price to 115 shipped in the US.
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    WTS: 12x 500mw Blu-Ray

    PMs sent.
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    WTS: 12x 500mw Blu-Ray

    I know, Im not very comfortable shipping out of US, although I will if shipping gets covered for international shipping. Should of made it clearer. I meant that price is shipped, but, only in the US. Internationl is extra ;)
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    WTS: 12x 500mw Blu-Ray

    Hey, decided to go a different route. Pricing this to sell quick, $140 Shipped to your door (US Only). Includes everything seen in the pictures. 6x Rechargeable CR123s, one spacer, charger, goggles, and the greenie host. EDIT: Green Host sold! Rest can be had for 115! As seen in this...
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    [WTB] ~1W 445nm Laser Pointer Any host ~$130

    Re: WTB: 200mW-1W Portable Laser, Any Color, Around $100 blu-ray is 405, blue is 445, green is 532.
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    Starcraft II Beta ?

    if anyone wants in on the beta, PM me, i got one extra key, first PM gets in. EDIT: beta key HAS BEEN CLAIMED by Razako, his was the first PM in my inbox, there for he gets it! if i acquire anouther, i will give it to the next person on my list! Thanks! Day
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    Re: Items for trade (PCS+ AX5770 Dx11, Nvidia Gtx 470 Dx11, GBB Glock 17, Gaming head how much for the KWA G17?
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    Laser Lands 200mW Green Top Laser 301

    ya, no difernce in brightness after 3 min, even in day light i can see the dot from about 350 ft away easy.
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    nope, came with my BAR10, it holds its zero VERY nicely too!
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    03-02-2010 21:58 International Hub AWAITING CUSTOMS CHARGING

    it means they determined wat it was worth and released it with the charge of what it will cost to import, so, its whatever opto put on the package
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    I love P90s! anything bull-pup! and, i use the scope from my BAR10 on the MKII, heres the reticule of the scope, i didnt get a good picture of it, but, its a mil-spec sniper scope, 3-9 40X w/ ilumination.
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    reputation update

    Lol.... how about a tactical face palm?
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    Laser Lands 200mW Green Top Laser 301

    so far, the longest ive left it going was about 3 min, and, the entire time it was a clean TEM00, as i had it unfocused, after 3 min it was starting for feel a bit warm, so, i let it rest
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    Laser Lands 200mW Green Top Laser 301

    whats that supposed to mean? lol