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    LED Types used in Flashlights.

    Cool, check out this for much more: http://budgetlightforum.com/node/26665
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    Greetings from New York

    Welcome (y)
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    Some version laser and host i will selling

    Nice stuff (y)
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    New! Sharp Diodes 1W 520nm & 5W 455nm & +2W 638nm

    Great info (y)
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    First completed build! And a learning experience

    Very nice.
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    NUBM44-v2 divergence at 3 meters

    Thanks (y)
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    Using Self made Lego tools for working with diodes

    Brought a smile :)(y)
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    Merry Christmas LPF

    Merry Christmas from Scotland :)(y)
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    Second successful laser build! Pl520

    Nice, I will try a PL520 at some point too.
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    First successful build!

    Cool (y)
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    CRX CuTi Blue Laser - Osram PLTB450B 450nm 1600mW

    Hi, I am new here myself, DTR sells very good ready made drivers, search DTRs laser shop. Lots of goodies there :)
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    My new TI-V2 host with Tritium

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    CRX CuTi Blue Laser - Osram PLTB450B 450nm 1600mW

    Missed the zero, thanks (y) Smell? :D I made this, you can see a lot more of my custom flashlight work over on BLF. I'm just new to lasers, built a lot of torches though. This isn't for sale.