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    Back Guys

    Pshhh ok :D
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    Back Guys

    whats that?
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    Back Guys

    Hows the forums bbeeeennn?
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    200mW Waterproof BeamCheap Laser

    So your saying you want your laser to burn your skin?
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    Worst customer service!

    its seems like a lot of laser companys get their lasers from china :/
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    Long Time no see!

    Haha hey guys Im back again haha, I just wanted to let you know that my laser's lens broke (the one I bought from Beamcheap) and Susie was able to replace the lens. :D This was after of course Beamcheap died because of the trolling haha (I dont want to get into it, its old news) but Im back and...
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    Hey man

    Hey man
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    I'm F**ked

    Hey guys, you know that beamcheap laser that I bought? Well the focus lens broke somehow... and beamcheap is no longer avaible... Great :wtf: Does anyone think that susie would send me some new lens? Oh btw the lens broke while I was making a video.. (Its the waterproof 200mW Red Laser)
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    I'm Back :D

    Hey guys its Sam, sorry I haven't been online for a while. I have been studing for my SATS and ACT's. Laserz have been fun, (I still have my 200mw from Beamcheap) and still are. Though I have noticed that some sites have shut down, including Beamcheap. I wasn't able to access their site for a...
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    O-Like new style 200mw red laser

    Its best to order it without the batteries in one package.
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    O-Like Company Thread!

    Well I have been gone for awhile and glad to hear that O-Like is gearing up for the new season of laser apparrel xD
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    O-Like Company Thread!

    Lol.. thats sucks :crackup:
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    O-Like Company Thread!

    For those of you who haven't seen my review its here http://laserpointerforums.com/f52/200mw-waterproof-beamcheap-laser-48840.html#post667493
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    Olike 200 MW NEW STYLE LASER NEW - Fast Ship

    I know, I just wanted to make sure that whoever is buying your products should know that its your rep, not susie's. Also note, that whoever buys it has NO warrenty for the laser. Thats what I basicly wanted to state.
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    Olike 200 MW NEW STYLE LASER NEW - Fast Ship

    Well once it leaves your house, its your reputation thats on the line, not susie's. The minute you touched the laser, to the second its shipped out to the customer (your customer) is your problem not susie's. Thats how every seller is..