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old hippy, commercial diver, nuclear weapons launcher systems installer

astronomy, rc helies
May 29, 1954 (Age: 65)
across the river from the big easy


i have fond memories of owning
10 hene tubes 2 argon ion units and lots of diode and dpss lasers in these wavelengths:
I'm rebuilding my collection:
Skyray 405 12x
kryton groove gitd 445
B&W Tek 473 lab laser
JDSU 2214-40 multiline argon ion
Osram pl520 in an sh-032 host
Skylaser HL532-300
543 HeNe
632 HeNe x3
Opnext 638 single mode in c6 host
Rayfoss 650 150mW
Laserbee II Deluxe lpm w/ Peregrine:beer:
Laissez les bons temps rouler!



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