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    Lathes in Aus?

    Just an fyi for future reference: If the shaft is case hardened or is hard enough that a file wont cut it, then using a lathe might be an exercise in futility. I know its possible to turn down hardened shafts, but I don't know how well it would work cutting threads. Its even worse if its an...
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    Buying a lathe.

    Those are definitely some good ideas. I know you are on a limited budget, but in the long run, its cheaper to buy a bigger lathe/mill/welder/whatever right out the gate then to need something bigger and upgrade later on down the road. I really wish I would of bought a bigger lathe to begin with...
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    Buying a lathe.

    I suggest going with the grizzly 10" x 22" which is the one that I own, instead of the 9x19. It has a 1" spindle bore instead of 3/4" and a 1 hp motor instead of 3/4 hp. It also has more threading options. I have had mine for 2 years and haven't had an issue yet. btw, invest in a quick change...
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    Sad world we live in

    Although I don't have a source, I remember reading some were that the theater didn't allow CC firearms through the doors.
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    Never success in tapping holes

    1. How sharp is the tap? dull tapes hate aluminum, especially if its a softer alloy. there are special taps for aluminum that work wonders. an aluminum-specific cutting fluid also does wonders. 2. make darn sure you are using the proper sized hole to begin with. 3. Its very easy to run a tap...
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    4th of July Fun

    Oh man! Thats awesome!!! Im sooo jealous because the lack of ran and crazy high temps have put a stop to most of the fireworks in my area. Its dry enough that I'm not going to even shot of a bottle rocket out of the fear that I will start a small forest fire.
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    Cooling fan screams it out helppls

    Any chance you can post a video of it? It makes it a lot easier for us to see the exact problem.
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    Zombie attack in Miami??

    My guess would be a combo of PCP or something equivalent and a guy with lots of issues.
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    annular solar eclipse

    A Lowes/Home Depot/Rural King/Tractor Supply or any welding shop will have some fixed shade lenses. Anything from a shade 9 to a shade 14 will protect your eyes, you will just have to find the one thats not too dark and not too light for your eyes. The lenses are cheap too. The majority of them...
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    annular solar eclipse

    It sucks that I wont be able to see much of anything. I'm just going to wait for the 2017 eclipse.
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    annular solar eclipse

    It looks like there will be an annular solar eclipse happening right before sunset on May 19th. I don't think I will be able to see much of anything, but its still cool. Here's a wiki link. Solar eclipse of May 20, 2012 - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
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    5000 BTU Air Conditioner

    How big is the room and how hot does it get during the day when the windows are closed? I have a 5000 btu/hour window ac unit in my work area in my dad's garage. the room is 8 by 24 feet. Its well insulated and shaded by a tree so there is little heat load from the outside. It takes an hour or...
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    Story Time! How bad have you been shocked?

    Reading this thread has reminded me that I'm pretty darn lucky that I haven't been seriously hurt with electricity. Hear is a little list of what has shocked the crap out of me. 120vac a few times: I have been luck in these cases; it was just enough to remind me how quickly the poo can hit the...
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    Google makes an autonomous nascar stock car. DARPA eat your heart out.

    That's what the 24 and 48 get for staying out on OLD tires although I can't blame them for trying anyways.
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    Measuring current with dmm?

    Is the laser turning on while you are getting 0 amps?