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  1. brunes01

    My first build - what was yours?

    Hi! That`s my first build! 9mm 445nm Diode by DTR with 2.1A x-drive! I went for the Survival Laser Stainless Steel host assembly with extended and tapered copper heatsink. Cheers brunes01
  2. brunes01

    Video: Toysoldiers attacked by giant blue laser!

    Hi! Here is the link to the video: Toysoldiers attacked by giant laser Passwort: lpf PS: Safety googles were worn and no living creature has been harmed throuout shooting this video! Peace brunes01
  3. brunes01

    Your first build?

    Hi! I took the "easy" way too, for my build! Just like you I wanted to have a highpower burning laser! My diode came from DTR (member) already assembled for use, even the driver is already included. And I got me the Stainless Steel host Assembly from Survival Laser. The assembling was...
  4. brunes01

    Battery question

    Hi! I`m also taking out the batteries when my laser is not in use! Main reasons are the two little girlies from my girlfriend! I think they wouldn`t touch it, but you can never know/trust what comes to a childrens mind! Cheers brunes01
  5. brunes01

    Careful Who You Sell To and How You Sell!!!

    Hi! That`s really bad! And his thread to sue you is way to ridiculous! I mean posting pics on the web with a gun, gangstastyle, and then he needs to see a doctor, because he is to mentally stressed to go to work, because of some forumpostings??? :wtf: I read he has admitted several times in...
  6. brunes01

    compatibility of parts/diode question

    Hi! I just finished a very similar build on friday! I ordered the diode from DTR, already in a module and with a 2.1 A X-Drive (buckdriver) and a G2 lens. http://laserpointerforums.com/f65/9mm-445nm-blue-mysterio-burning-video-beamshots-82678.html And here many, many questions were...
  7. brunes01

    Airborne laser .. 445nm one ?

    Hi! The idea sounds really interesting! But I think it would really be cool if the laser could be fired with a "clicky" button from the remote control! I don`t know if that is technically possible, but it sure would be very cool and much more safer in my opinion! Cheers brunes01
  8. brunes01

    9mm 445nm "Blue Mysterio" (with burning video & beamshots)

    Hi! @ Zakkusus It was more in the dusk than during the day. I think the settings on my camera were not that good while taking the photo. Also the beam seems to be "light blue" on this photo, but it is much darker in reality! On some other pics, the settings were much better I think. @...
  9. brunes01

    Hi! You`re welcome! Maybe it was just not wise to tell people here they should use their...

    Hi! You`re welcome! Maybe it was just not wise to tell people here they should use their lasers or "toys" as you said, for self-healing! :) I think that`s more the thing why you were accused and not for telling low powered lasers could be used for medical treatment! Cheers brunes01
  10. brunes01

    Help with a M140 diode

    Hi! I can`t really imagine right now, how you will be able to do that without the extension tube? :can: Cheers brunes01
  11. brunes01

    Many questions about first 9mm 445nm build!

    Hi! It`s done! I finished my build on friday! First of all I must confess I really wasn`t aware how powerful that thing is! As a matter of facts I have burnt a whole in a dark brown pillow and left 2 little burning marks on my wooden door just in seconds! Now I really know why many of you...
  12. brunes01

    9mm 445nm "Blue Mysterio" (with burning video & beamshots)

    Hi! First burning test was done and I`m very happy with it! Here is the link to the video: "Blue Mysterio" Burning Test Password fot the video is: lpf And I got 2 new beamshots. One is the same as my avatar. Cheers brunes01
  13. brunes01

    Ever set anything on fire... unintentionally?

    Hi! Just finished my laser today and I managed to burn a little hole in a dark brown pillow and I have 2 little burn marks on my wooden door! Lesson learned! :whistle: Cheers brunes01
  14. brunes01

    9mm 445nm "Blue Mysterio" (with burning video & beamshots)

    Re: 9mm 445nm "Blue Mysterio" It runs at 2.1 A with a X-driver from Lazeerer and a G2 lens. So I guess the power should be somewhere around 2.5-2.7W! First beamshot outside. This thing is crazy!!! :drool:
  15. brunes01

    9mm 445nm "Blue Mysterio" (with burning video & beamshots)

    Hi! Finally my build is completed! I would like to thank everyone giving me support, especially DTR, ApexProxy and Garoq! Diode: 9mm 445nm in Aixiz Module with 2.1 A X-Driver from DTR Host: Survival Laser Stainless Steel Host Assembly with extended and tapered copper heatsink and battery...