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Lasers, Fish, Planes, Boats, RC, Computer Gaming (mainly simulation
Jun 7, 1986 (Age: 34)
North Carolina, USA
PMEL Technician (I calibrate electronic equipment)


800mW 405nm (Custom BDR-209 x16 @ 550mA)
800mW 445nm (Wicked Lasers Arctic)
7500mW 455nm (Sanwu Striker 7.5W)
3300mW 470nm (Custom)
5mW 473nm (Laserglow Aquarius-2)
90mW 490nm (Custom)
50mW 505nm (Sanwu Pocket)
67mW 515nm (Generic)
50mW 520nm (Sanwu Pocket)
3.7mW 532nm (Laserglow Anser)
115mW 532nm (Dragonlasers GLP 55)
120mW 532nm (Laserglow Aries-100)

1125mW 532nm (Peak 1391mW Jetlasers PL-E Pro 800)
750mW 638nm (Custom Oclaro @ 1A)
200mW 650nm (303 Laser)
500mW 455nm, 525nm, 635nm Sanwu RGB

0.1mW-200mW Laserbee HLPM II
1mW-2W Hyperion Cu
40mW-150W Ophir 50(150)A-BB-SH-26

Relative Perceived Laser Brightness Calculator

Wavelength to HTML Converter


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