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    finally introducing myself

    havent really introduced myself to anyone so i figured why not I first found out about these lasers about 5 years ago at a hootenanny i go to every year in the backwoods of Georgia. The guy had one of those cheap green pen lasers from ebay with the kaleidoscope caps. At the time it was the...
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    good to see someone here on the forums from the atl

    good to see someone here on the forums from the atl
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    Registered in Atlanta

    good to see someone else here from the ATL area besides be
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    where can i buy this certain green laser?

    order is on the way. i had to talk to Susie from o-like to order it. cant wait for it to get here
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    Enough with Burning. LETS MAKE SOMETHING!

    damn you build that? that's truly a work of art. how powerful are those beams coming out?
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    New member

    lol yes u have good sir and i appreciate that. what lasers would you recommend for a n00b like me? im more into the lasers with the kaliedoscope effects. I already own the ones listed below
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    Laser For Iphone?

    lookin good :yh:
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    Laser For Iphone?

    thanks bro! love how it really is common since once its explained lol
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    Laser For Iphone?

    do u know how i can set up my signature so that it shows the color for each laser? i tried using the A tab and typed after the letters came up but that didnt work
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    Laser For Iphone?

    lol ya i didnt even see the expanding button my bad. i got a pretty small screen 11' wish they made more powerful lasers for the iphone
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    Laser For Iphone?

    Just typed in laser pointer in the app store on my iphone and this came up https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/ilaserpointer-for-professional/id370843597?mt=8 Is this Legit? Has anyone ever used this? Where would you buy the plug in diode for it?
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    New member

    thanks for the advice guys
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    New member

    hey guys. just wanted to say im new here and ive been reading up on a lot of the stickies and rules and what not. you guys have done an awesome job making this website what it is and im glad to be a part of it. I have lots of questions but im too scared people will blow up on me for not doing my...
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    delete this thread please

    Re: Desperate for answers ive done my research. im not looking for those crappy chinese ones where you have to hold down the button and then go bad in a few months. im fed up with those. and then when i find a reliable source like o-like.com. they tell me i cant use visa. and my pal pay is not...