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    Hello and Thank You LPF

    Hi and welcome to the forum thanks for such a great introduction, hope you enjoy your time there, there's a lot here to read years worth regards blaster
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    FS: Jet Lasers PLe Pro 3.5w 465nm

    Please do post I'm most interested Cheers
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    What can you do with lasers in Australia?

    Yeah backyard is about it and not up ,I usually sneak out around midnight ,so I can actually have some fun .Pretty sad state of affairs in australia .At melbourne international airport going through immigration, on the wall it has three items not to bring back into australia. A 🔫gun 🔫,a taser...
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    What kind of laser person are you?

    Put as intermediate ,would be great if could get together with other laser ppl in my city and learn bit more but believe theirs only one other in my city adelaide south australia
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    NEW STOCK: The MS-Envy - 18650 Custom Laser Host

    Re: Pre-Sale: The MS-Envy - 18650 Custom Host so US is free and PP fees but rest of World is 49 dollars postage is that correct ,is that FedEx cost ? Seems rather expensive,may have this wrong want to know that it is right to Australia less than half of the way to US .
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    Best way of cleaning G1 lens

    As above keep covers on when not in use , be careful , only rub lightly when using any cleaning agent and ultrasonic I have found does great job when finished with soft lint free cloth .
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    Cheap Nitecore Intellicharger

    Good price thanks for the heads up
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    Winter Solstice is here

    Yes summer solstice longest day in the year lol yes you are correct 115 degrees today give me winter anytime.
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    So you thought Chinese lasers were safe?

    Depends on where you get them from but they arnt all the same by far .As far as lasting ten minutes I've had mine for ages used nearly every day ,are 10 to 20 times overspec and never killed one yet .luck of the draw, for the money eBay pens the 90% that are way overspec are great value and as...
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    What is and what isn't safe?

    No not really available,you can overdrive a sjO6 to around 850 mW plus with help of G1or G2 lens there's a List on the forum of what ppl have managed to get out of a 405 nm violet setup but there are a few now deads in the list .So need to be careful .
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    eBay vs WickedLasers (532nm only)

    eBay greens are as we all know mostly way overspec so great value power wise and for the price if u do get a dud one who cares.On the other hand the host is boring and WL wins easy but costs heaps more indivudual preference .As my every day sitting next to me on the table to play with in front...
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    SOLD! Laserbee 3.7w usb lpm

    Re: Fs: Laserbee 3.7w usb lpm As you are in Australia what else do u have to sell off let me know in a pm as getting stuff local is heaps easier than from overseas .
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    2x ms envys 4x black copper pens for trade. / sale

    Re: Laserbee II OEM 3.2w lpm $150 shipped Pm on way
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    This Is What a Laser From the Moon Looks Like (Photo)

    During the Apollo lunar missions mirrors where left on the moon at the various landing sites to do just that .They are used to check the exact distance of the moon from the earth using the speed of light x the time ,that's just one of the things they are used for but the main one .
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    Fasttechs 'Express shipping only' policy?

    Pm me if you want same batteries from Australia ,just rip off on postage ,don't be to convinced express will be much faster .Mail into Australia in any form is a disgrace so so slow express or not .