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445nm "1W+" Polished Survival Lasers S4
450nm ???
470nm 5W custom polished MrCrouse tactical
473nm "5mW" Custom polished CNI glp-473
488nm WTB multi-line
515nm "30mw" Joker301 GB C6
520nm 1W Custom host? (2016)
543nm HeNe (WTB)
589nm (WTB PGL III C/Spartan)
594nm (WTB pen)
604nm or 612nm (want eventually)
633nm HeNe (2016)
635nm 345mW "Zraffle" Lazerer Rifle
685nm 35mW MXDL laser (2015)
3.7W Lpm Radiant X4 LPM with blue case (2015)




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