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    CPU Overclocking

    Check out a program called CoreTemp, or even better, HWiNFO32. These seem to work reliably for me. If using CoreTemp, DON"T FORGET TO ADJUST YOUR Tj MAX!! That's probably what some of you are having trouble with. Different CPUs use different Tjs, and it won't read properly until it's adjusted...
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    Dragon vs. Wocked goggles

    Dragon vs. Wicked goggles I hope this hasn't been posted before. I've been searching for about 45 minutes now for it lol. Basically, I'm wondering which of the two, dragonlasers.com and wickedlasers.com, has the better quality/protection safety goggles? I'm getting a V2 dilda red any day now...
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    Cheap Goggles

    Nice find! Do you know if they had any that seemed to block red?
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    Good red/blu driver?

    My bad, I'm sick ATM (swine flu lolz?) and I was feelin' lazy. I think I might grab a pair to try out. Thanks.
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    Good red/blu driver?

    http://o-like.com/b2b_cpinfo.asp?id=987 80-500ma CC. Any good for making DIY red/blu?
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    Biostimulation with Red Laser Pointers

    Interesting info. I might have to look into this a little.
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    I'm looking for a certain good laser pointer...

    Re: I'm looking for a certain good laser pointer.. I'm from Clearwater, nice to see another LPFer in FL! In order to be legal in the U.S., a laser must have certain safety features according to the FDA. These include: 1. Aperture shutter - something to block the laser opening. 2. Safety key -...
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    LPF's Religion

    I'm a Christian and I think a lot of the pics are hilarious in this thread lol. There are a lot of fanatical people out there, but I'm not one of them. And I have to say, as far as I know, all science that has been irrefutably proven is completely compatible with my religion. I believe that you...
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    Blu ray and Arctic silver

    Arctic Silver 5 is NOT an adhesive, so if you're gonna use A.S., that's the one to get. Arctic Silver Ceramique(i think that's what it's called) is the epoxy version.
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    200mW from QualityChinaGoods.

    Well hey, even if it's only 100mw that's still only like 75 cents a mw.
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    MXDL, no 3 ohm resistor?

    Hey I just got my MXDL host in a few days ago, and I measured the resistor at 5 ohms. I thought these were supposed to come with a 3 ohm resistor? Anybody know a good place I can get some at?
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    50mW CR2 Green Handheld from BudgetGadgets

    Well I tried out the 3.6v CR2's from Mohrenberg today, and they make a noticeable difference. I can now burn through black plastic bag (the "w" of a wal-mart bag) in a little under a second. This is more like it :) Would you guys say that this sounds like a proper 50mw now?
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    50mW CR2 Green Handheld from BudgetGadgets

    I checked the dot on black cloth from about 15' away with sunglasses. It is indeed brighter, but not by much. I've checked it against two 5mw's, one from DX and one from an unknown seller(it was a friends). Like I said, this thing looks to be at most 2x brightness, more like 1.5x. Anyway, I had...
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    50mW CR2 Green Handheld from BudgetGadgets

    Sadly I wasn't as lucky with this laser I guess. Compared to a 5mw green, this is maybe twice as bright or less. Probably around 10ish mw. Can't pop black balloons at all, can't really do much of anything lol. I contacted the seller, and they are letting me exchange it for a proper output one...
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    Pepsi or Coke?

    As a drink, pepsi I guess. Although I like CHERRY Coke even better. As a company, Pepsi is very pro-gay, so I don't support them. In fact, I stopped drinking Pepsi and will continue to until they revert to a neutral status in the issue.