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    Match Light Picture

    thanks for jacking my thread with some blown out piece of junk, yeah, really, thanks for that oh and read the rules about size of pictures before you post !!
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    Match Light Picture

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    Interest guage - 200mw 660nm red pointers...

    even the green glue is.
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    Interest guage - 200mw 660nm red pointers...

    well it doesn't seem to be doing its job, as the outer ring is freely spinnnnnnning
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    Interest guage - 200mw 660nm red pointers...

    thats what mine looks like, it doesn't look like the outer ring has been glued into the barrel properly.
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    Interest guage - 200mw 660nm red pointers...

    yeah i only tried to turn the inner ring on it, but it seems to be really stiff, and i dont want to try and force it too much as knowing me, i'll slip and break something.
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    Interest guage - 200mw 660nm red pointers...

    I know its just me, but i canny get it to burn anything :-/ I think it probably needs focusing, but again, not sure how to. There seems to be two rings on the lens, one larger one, and a smaller one inside it, when i try turning the inner ring, the whole lot spins round, not sure if that is...
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    Interest guage - 200mw 660nm red pointers...

    just got back home from a few days work, and got a note say there is a parcel for me at my neighbours, but i dont think they will be too happy at me going round at 2am and asking for my laser !!! dam it will have to wait till the morning. thanks for your brilliant efforts in this GB SenKat...
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    Interest guage - 200mw 660nm red pointers...

    woooooooooo, some good news at last :) Glad yo finally got them. Sorry to hear about your tooth mate, hopefully wont cause you too much pain, there is nothing worse than tooth pain.
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    Sky Lanterns $4 each

    these are very kool things, when i was over in thailand they were letting them off on the beach on the 1 year anniversary of the tsunami that happened there, there was loads and loads slowly lifting into the sky, here's a link to a slightly dodgy picture i took of them, hard to shoot being they...
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    Laser Givaway!

    I think i just saw Timelord fly past my house :o :o :o
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    Porro Prism + Greenie

    Took an old pair of binoculars apart and pulled out the prism from them and had a play with the greenie and this is what i got. it could be a lot better, but it is currently 4:45am and i want to go to bed :P
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    Tunnel Gun From Lasersaber

    The first post was made 9 months ago if you check the date ;)
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    Post Your BEST Laser Pic and Beam Pic Here

    these aren't my best for sure, but then i have to say i haven't really taken any that i am that happy with, but i will get round to it one day, just need some free time. Here's a few different one's.