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    Scientists drag light by slowing it!

    Bluefan, I know it's nothing new but still very interesting and if nothing else, has some useful applications. While reading a bit more and searching for similar studies I cam across this article which is also super duper cool lol BBC News | SCI/TECH | Light stopped in its tracks
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    Scientists drag light by slowing it!

    Scientists drag light by slowing it to speed of sound Not really sure if this has been posted here but I found this very cool. Basically they slowed a green laser by shining it through a ruby rod spun at up to 3000 rpm, causing the light to slow to the speed of sound they say and redirecting...
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    Hole in center of beam?

    Thank you all for your input. I'm glad that it's most likely something easily fixed haha. I have been real busy and haven't had a chance to fix it yet but will soon. Again thanks for your help :yh:
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    Hole in center of beam?

    Thanks for such a quick response and the info. What type of spacer did you use?
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    Hole in center of beam?

    I've recently noticed a "hole" down the center of the beam of my 445nm build using an A140 diode in a JayRob host. When I first noticed the "hole" I also heard a slight jiggle and narrowed it down to the lens assembly. Turns out the retaining ring on the back of the assembly had come a bit loose...
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    Does Anyone Know if Dino Direct is any good?

    Just a heads up to anyone thinking of buying from DinoDirect, I have ordered a flashlight and i got it but it took over 2 months to arrive (I live in Texas). I ordered a set of bucky ball type magnets for $18.99 on December 1, and after not getting a tracking number for 4 weeks I emailed them...
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    Optical Trapping - Real Laser Tractor Beams

    Hmmm, that could explain why I got it to work a few times but it was pretty unreliable. I posted my last post then tried and it was really difficult to get any particles trapped. The first few times it would only work for about 5 seconds too.
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    Optical Trapping - Real Laser Tractor Beams

    Old thread I know lol but I thought of this thread while I was burning and cutting matches with my 445 set at 920mA a few minutes ago. Seems to work pretty well and because I like blue a lot more than red, I thought it was amazing having a blue "tractor beam" in my hand haha. I don't have the...
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    AixiZ 445nm lens...

    Jay, I'd have to agree that nothing else will do. Concidering this is about 6-8 times more powerfull than my other commonly used portable lasers, it's deffinately a new treat. And I gotta say again I love the host, I'll deffinately be doing business with you in the future. And Jib, yeah you'll...
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    AixiZ 445nm lens...

    I just finished my build in Jayrobs 18650 host. For starters, thanks Jay it looks sexy lol. As far as the lens goes, the beam is nice and rectangular. Had it at about 650mA then turned it up to 920 about 20 minutes later haha. I'm nearly sure that I have the right lens as it does look like...
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    AixiZ 445nm lens...

    I just got my replacement lens in the mail today along with my flexdrive so I plan to finish mine tonight. The new lens I got today deffinately does not havethr blue reflections like the normal red lens does, however the golden reflection is only slightly golden. I don't have an LPM to test but...
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    1.2W DIY 445nm in Spyder II host

    Quite a sexy build there. I like :D
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    saftey glasses for 445 1w and 447 1w

    How much is this discount?
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    Dummy load for high current - 2A test load and 3A

    Gotcha. Well that works for me for now since, like I said I'll be setting mine at about 1.1A.:yh: Again though SHIN, thanks for your help.
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    Tutorial: 3405 Build Tips!

    So far I'm just waiting on the driver to get here then I'll get this baby goin lol. I'm working on the laser goggles issue atm and will make sure to get some before I do anything other than star gazing with it, after checking for planes of course :D My main interest is beam and color