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  • Hi I suggest you tell your good friend paul from mega green ( bluesky marketing) to get in contact with his customers. Sorry to send you a message but its bloody stupid how he runs his business and you seem to be the only person who knows him. please just inform him if he doesnt get in contact with me (via email) (he will know who) I will be taking serious actions against his business. thank you for your time. once again sorry to send you a message, no quobbles with yourself.
    Hello, I want to buy the label, please let me know if you still have it.

    i`m looking to buy 10 "1500MW" for blue laser.

    thx and please get back at me.

    can you sell me a sticker for 532nm class IIIb with 100mW with green beam?

    shipping to Sportplatzgasse 13, A-2525 Günselsdorf, Austria.

    thank you
    look in my sig there is a link to a post where it tells what labes i have left.

    Hey there andy!...I was wondering if you still had any <120mW 405 nm warning labels that you are willing to sell me?'
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