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    W.M. Keck Observatory Laser Guide Star Adaptive Optics

    Info: Keck Observatory Laser Guide Star Adaptive Optics :drool:
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    NEW STOCK: The MS-Envy - 18650 Custom Laser Host

    Re: NEW STOCK: The MS-Envy - 18650 Custom Laser Host - 15% OFF Till 25th Dec. This host reminds me of a Choose Your Own Adventure book I read as a kid: #70 Invaders of the Planet Earth. In it, aliens invaded 10 years ago, and disabled all electricity on Earth due to vulnerabilities with their...
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    Quad-18650 to USB "Box" / "Charger" / "Battery Backup"

    Re: Quad-18650 to USB "Box" / "Charger" / "Battery Backup" I'm going to order a few of those quad 18650 battery packs to tinker with. Has anyone seen anything similar but with a single battery? I've got some outdoor LED projects that need a small rechargeable power source with a simple on/off...
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    Presale for C6 JAD kits.

    After buying two whole lasers to experiment on, I'm ready for the next step, which is a "just add diode!" kit. Although I could have gotten them elsewhere faster, I'd rather wait 3 or 4 weeks and support a forum member. Besides, this was a really good deal, so I ordered 2 x Aurora C6 Kits, and...
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    2W 445 in a Z5 Host

    I love this price competition, keep it coming! :fightin:
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    Review of Lazerer stick 1W LZSK

    I have the same laser, at 1.2W. The first photo is me shining the laser above Hollywood from the top of Mt. Hollywood in Griffith Park. Cellphone camera just doesn't begin to do it justice. I do believe the host is a bit too large for the 16340's (second photo, notice the gap between battery...
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    They're both the same registrar (godaddy) and hosting (linode). There are more sites which are owned and run by wicked lasers, such as techlasers.com, thinklasers.com, wickedlaser.co.uk. An interesting side note, is that there is one other website sharing that ip address, and it is...
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    Where did DeadEYeMo go??

    PM sent. I didn't want to post personal information publicly.
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    LZSK445 1.2W new at lazerer.com

    I ordered Lazerer Stick 445 1.2W a few days ago, and I too wish to upgrade the lens from acrylic to AR coated glass. I will measure the lens and report back as soon as I receive the laser, but I'm pretty sure it will will take any M9X.5-based lens. Can you unscrew your acrylic lens and take a...
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    Li-ion charging

    You can buy a universal Li-Ion charger at Radio Shack, but the best charger available is the Pila IBC, followed by the Xtar WP2 II. Whatever you decide to buy, make sure the charger features a CC/CV charging algorithm. Use high-quality batteries such as Pila or AW, and if you get unprotected...
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    650mW Awesome tiny Silver 445nm Laser $100!!!!

    Re: 500mW or 1W 5-mode Awesome tiny Silver 445nm Laser I think he's too busy with other things in life to be making lasers. From what I've read, the profit margin is really low on this type of item, and the amount of time required to build and test these lasers make it an even less attractive...
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    650mW Awesome tiny Silver 445nm Laser $100!!!!

    PayPal sent!