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I post this thread to ask a few things about wicked bucks, I have made over 140 videos, all I need to do is upload them, they are mostly about Ballon Poping, Cutting Tape, smocking leather, showing Wicked Cap power, and MORE, it took me so long just to think of all of the stuff, if they all get accpeted I could have...................


I would have $700 in lasers, what I want to do with that money is - Get a Clasic, advanced, extreme, and phonix, so I can make more videos comparing the lasers, their power, and other stuff....... so then I could get a nexus and an fusion, then make MORE videos comparing them all!! then I would get all the Evo ones!! MUAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

I wish :p I might be able to, but it would be too hard



Hehehehe - if you plan on only spending Wicked Bucks - then go for it....but if you have to add anything other than shipping costs :( Wicked Bucks are a good deal for folks to try out some lasers - I ordered my first, and only Wicked laser using them - a 15mw Exec/Classic/ whatever - and it sucks...it is exhibiting hte same issues as Marianne's is - and it is not worht the $19.00 to return it to them for a replacement.