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Very Ineffiicient energy transfer, still impressive to me


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Mar 11, 2013
I have an Eton Microlink FR 160, and after seeing the vid where styropyro drives a tiny electric car that has a small pohotovoltaic cell with a 3W+ 445nm laser, I wondered how much power was needed to power my radio via laser, and if wavelength makes any difference. I tried it out with 1.5W of 445nm, .5W of 405nm, and 1W of 635nm, in that order.

In the vid, the radio is dead and off. I charge it for a few seconds, then turn it on. they seem to have trouble turning on the radio from dead when it is left on, but can maintain it's function once it is on, and can resume it's function if only removed briefly. very inefficient energy transfer, but even 500mW is enough to power a radio, and you have to figure the cell is likely less than 30% efficient

enjoy, may want to turn down your speakers