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There comes a time in every persons life


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Aug 17, 2007
Just 2 days ago (Friday) I finally was able to place my order for an x105. After extensive research and saving I am extremely happy with my decision and I don't even have the laser yet! I have no idea how I am going to bear the next few days of waiting for the box, this is where you can help. Many of you out there have ordered lasers at least once, twice, or even more times, I have to ask you:

"How do you bear it?"

This is my first high-powered laser, and so far I am ecstatic to even think about getting to play with my new toy (toy is used loosely). I just can't wait, I think I am going to begin a hike to Toronto to just pick up my laser. I might be faster.

Overly-excited and soon-to-be laser owner,


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Feb 1, 2007
Hi Bryan.

Well there is no easy answer to the waiting game, you just have to wait :(

I think you have chosen wisely on your first laser, X105? (wow) that thing will probably peak nearer 125mW and will average about 115mW. I don't own a Nova personally, but I only hear great things about them on this forum.

The visible beam on a nice green will blow you away when you see it for the first time.

Finally, I dont want to sound like your Dad, but be very aware of what you point it at, and be aware of surfaces that may reflect the beam at you. Direct exposure or a good reflection from the beam can blind you in an instant, with this power. Treat it like a gun, and show it the same respect.

Happy waiting :mad:



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Jun 14, 2007
Yeah Like Tallaxo said its a nice Laser from all the reports I have heard from other Nova laser owner's, dont own one myself but if I was to buy another Pen sized Greenie it would be from them...

Not to sound like your dad too but that thing is going to be bright especially if your going to be burning stuff... If you didnt order any googles you might want to......

And no the waiting never gets any easier... whether its your 1st or 10th Laser, whats even worse is waiting for the parts when you are building your own as thats your little baby........


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Aug 3, 2007
Man your going to freak out!,
My 30 mW XNova came in just 3 days USA, cheapest shipping.
I was blowing $ on batterys and I didn't care.
Warranty says 90 days, must use alkaline.
I suggest you put used alkys in, to break it in, press the button and it's bright then dims in a second(old batteries do this). Put up with this for a while till you kill off a few cells.
If you Lase at Full Power @first it will overgass the glue and that screws LASER up.

Buy  some rechargable  NiMH batts., they have the current, nevermind the lower voltage.
(laser diodes give the most power drawing more current, Diodes only need @2.1volts, so
any extra voltage is wasted in the voltage drop thru the tiny power reg. circuitry
in the device in waste  extra heat.)

Don't shoot your eyes out!

Buy Laser Goggles, or at least get red cellophane and tape 3 layers over safty glasses old regular glasses.

I found that red Target store pill containers stop my greeny dead and with smoke!

Oh, if your laser came with batts., just pulse it ,15< sec runs ,don't heat it up, let it slowly get hotter over days, don't Lase contin. with long runs times untill it breaks in.

It get hot in there, so take it easy on the LD and optics. Glue sticks to Optics, bad.

Antireflective coatings need loving care!

She's a virgin, don't make her bleed.

I love my NOVA laser, I recommend them.
They are high quality and over engineered.
I store it a airtight container with a desicant(water absorber).
(Nova doesn't discount safety glasses )

Lase on,


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Jul 12, 2007
My solution was to place the order 2 business days before i went back home from my holiday.(in an internet cafe)
I used TNT express.(to Europe)
So i came home at night and the next morning there was the man from TNT to deliver the package.