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Survival Laser Red 660nm 300mw


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Jun 5, 2011
Mine just arrived a little while ago.
Overall: GREAT!

Unfortunately I do not have a digital camera or an LPM; sorry. There are photos and a video on the Survival Laser website.

Survival Laser:
Survival Laser Home

The package that I purchased:
Survival Laser R 660nm Parts Bundle w/Accessories & Rechargeable Battery

Shipping: I sent Garoq money through PayPal Wednsday Afternoon (29 June) (coordinated via PM versus purchase through website, for the LPM discount; and I also had tech questions). He shipped it right out (priority) - 2 days later, 1 July, and I have it.

It was extremely easy to put together. The instructions are very clear and well illustrated. NO problems. You can download the manual / instructions (PDF) from the Survival Laser website.

In my case, at least, the battery was apparantly charged when it arrived. The charger stayed green when I inserted the battery, so I checked it with a DVM; it was 4.x+ something volts.
EDIT: PM from Garoq:
Yes, I think I grabbed one of the batteries I used to test the 18650 chargers when they came in.
... so don't EXPECT your battery to be charged when you receive it. ;)

I think it's safe to say that the pre-assembled diode/driver is putting out ~ 300mw; Garoq's reputation seems to be above reproach.

It cut black electrical tape like a hot knife through butter. It cuts through some kind of faux-nylon stuff that I removed from an old sleeping bag. On a soft focus, it makes my radiometer dance (hard focus might burn it). Outside, at noonish, in the bright hot Texas sun, I aimed it at a slightly-shadowed area close to the roof of the apartment across a courtyard (AWAY from windows!). I could see the red spot easily.

I also got an "Extended Length Focusing Ring - Blue Anodized" and "Laser Clamp Mount & Tripod". The extended focusing ring makes focusing quite a bit easier. I tried both the extended & standard ring that came w/ the laser. The standard ring is smallish for standard-sized adult fingers to easily use, but if one intends to focus on infinity and leave it there, the standard ring is fine.

This laser does not come with a lens spring; when focused to infinity, there isn't enough room for a spring between the focus ring and the heat sink, so the focusing system is pretty loose. I have some teflon tape on order.

Indoors, with the beam path across my apartment (say, at least 20 feet or so), there is a dim "suggestion" of a "red halo" with "bubblelike patterns and spots" around the bright red spot. I assume that is artifacting from the standard acrylic lens. I might get a glass lens (G-1) next month for this laser, but it isn't really necessary. The G-1 would probably offer a "cleaner" "more attractive" spot area, and provide greater output. The website advises that divergence would be a bit wider with the G-1.

IF I get the glass lens, and when the teflon tape comes in, I will probably change back to the standard focusing ring from the extended ring, get it focused on infinity, and just leave it there. This laser can burn stuff when focused on infinity, and my priority is visibility over burning.

This package comes with a set of Eagle Pair safety goggles, OD4+ 190-470nm & 610-760nm, lens cap, holster, etc.

People who have been into lasers for a while might say "why did you spend that money on a 300mw kit, when O-Like has 200mw lasers for ~ $50.00?"

It provides a "gentle" introduction to laser-building, for a newbie like me. One can see how a portable laser is put together, and actually assemble it, without needing to solder, or machine parts, or adjust the driver with a dummy load. And it will work as soon as it is "slapped together".

EDIT: I just burned a small hole in a dark brown trash bag from ACROSS my apartment.

And BTW? Duty cycle: Continuous(?!). Garoq advised me in an earlier PM that "just to be safe, turn it off after 10 minutes, but a well-esteemed forum member left one on for far longer than that."
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