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Survival Laser 190-470 nm & 660-760nm safety goggles (First Review!)


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Jun 26, 2012
For my first high powered laser purchase I wen't with an O-like 100mw red (has not yet arrived) and Eagle Pair 190-470nm & 660-760nm (manufacturer rates them to 610-760nm!) Laser Safety Goggles from survival lasers, which I will be reviewing. I discussed my purchase it on this thread. Keep in mind this is my first review of 3 that are to come, so any constructive criticism is appreciated, but don't be flat out mean :D (sorry in advance for the lacking photos, I will add some very soon once I have a Photobucket, because I can't insert them without a URL, which I don't have.)

Section one: Shipping!
So I ordered these goggles may 13th, they shipped the next day, and in 3 days from Utah to southern California, may 16th! amazing!

Section 2: boxing

Shipped in a plastic bag, protected by the goggles case, the goggles came wrapped in plastic bag inside the case, with a cleaning cloth. Nothing extravagant, but if anyone was interested, here it is.

Section 3: comfort & vision

Overall, very comfortable. no adjustments, but they fit well and feel very good. If you're going to use them for a while they should be just fine. :) They have a very green tint to them, even though survival laser's picture makes them look totally blue. As expected, when you put them on everything looks green.

Section 4: protection

After reading that stuff many of you didn't care for, the moment you've all been waiting for, the protection. I currently don't have a high powered red to test them on, but my over spec amazon 5mw laser disappeared the second I lowered the goggles on them. Also, the frame design blocks the laser from practically every angle, and there's very little normal light coming through the edges, so it gives you maximum performance, but still doesn't obstruct vision. I'm a noob, so I'm not sure if its supposed to, but there's a VERY faint dot visible when I aim the laser at the goggles. I suppose that's so you can see the laser somewhat while you are using it. But I'm sure someone here knows, they are rated od 4+ chart here (the one pic I do have:D)

Overall I am very pleased with these goggles and I would recommend every noob get a good pair of trusted goggles, instead of cheaping out on $10 ones like I was thinking about doing. I can't find any con's so far and would recommend them to everyone, if you plan to purchase, use code LPF445 , unless seeing a faint dot is bad.When I get my o-like 100mw 650nm red and my bro's 5mw 635nm bright red, I will do a double review and add a little to this.
Thanks for reading everyone.
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