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Super Power #90-105 Green laser pointer (ItemQuickShip)

May 11, 2007
IQS Laser Pen

Customer service at IQS:

After purchasing my laser I received it 4 days later. (From Baton Rouge, Louisiana to Southern California). Itemquickship do indeed ship fairly quickly.

After my receiving my laser I was slightly disappointed to notice that, on fresh batteries, the laser was quite low on output power. It was also different than the one in the picture. It had a short silver tip as apposed to the longer ones on most Newwish style lasers. It also had a very thick beam at the aperture.

I contacted IQS and told them of my predicament, they agreed to replace my laser. So I packed the laser in its included case and shipped it off. A week after sending it in I contacted them about the whereabouts of my replacement. Another week and 4 emails later I finally received a response from them. They told me that they would be shipping it that day informing me that they would send me "another high quality one".

It came in yesterday wrapped in bubble rap and a padded air-mailer, without the case the first one had.

The Laser:

It feels, to me at least, thinner in diameter than the last one I received. Thats not to say it doesn't feel sturdy. It very strong feeling and slightly weighted.

One thing that suprised me was that the aperature screwed off allowing easy access to the brass module and colimation lense.

The laser is marked "150mw" unlike the last one I received which was marked "100mw". Does asking for a stronger laser truly give you a stronger laser?


Click vvvv for video!!!

Ive been using the same batteries for the past two days, and it still easily smokes electrical tape.

The beam is much thinner in diameter than the last laser I received.

Beam terminating at the end of my hallway (about 20 feet) Note that the flare apparent in the picture is not actually there and is simply a result of the camera, it actually produces a very clean dot.

Unfortunately I do not have a laser power meter so I will not be able to test its output.

Overall I am VERY satisfied with this laser, and for $20 its quite the deal.
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