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Nov 10, 2006
Anyone here watch Nascar? I have been watching for six years now. Unfortunatly the first race I watched was the 2001 Daytona 500 were Dale Earnhardt was killed on the lap. :'( Anyway, who do you think is gonna win the championship this year? Jimmie Johnson, Matt Kenseth, or somebody else?

I flew all the way down to Florida to watch that race, and i was rooting for dale the whole way. that damn daytona had always given him trouble :'( i was sitting inside the last turn too, it happened not but 200 feet away from me. i didnt even know he died till the next day, wierd.

as far as who i think shoud win, junior! as long as its not stewart or gordon, they cry too much. i havent been looking that closely, but the last time i looked junior was in the 10th spot and gordon was in the 12th i think, ill have to go check.

this new track in kansas is cool, the last of the superspeedways ;) oh, and one last thing, ricky bobby FTW! ;D

Do any of you guys watch or play sports? I love the NFL. I am a Bengals fan.

i dont like the NFL very much. i am interested in the NFL however. i like the san jose sharks

I live in Scotland and like soccer.

My team is Celtic FC......yayyyy :)

Love playing pool too. ;)

harrisonj said:
i dont like the NFL very much. i am interested in the NFL however.
What? You confuse me... :-?

LOL my bad. I meant NHL

ohhh i see, i dont watch the NHL much, i just remember when they all went on strike :-/


I teach martial arts that keeps me fit. :cool:

More watching paint dry ;D
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