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Small refrigeration build R600a


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Jan 14, 2009
Hi All .

This was my first attempt at building a small phase change system .

There was no real gain to be made from this on the CPU other than for the building experience : ) .

Specs are -

Secop 30AA 3cc R600a compressor
2.8m 0.8mm Capillary tube .
120mm 13W AC fan and 120x120x50mm condenser .
CPU is a i5 3470 ( around 85 - 90W Load )

The evaporator is a copper plate with 1/4" copper pipe coiled and brazed to it . Under no load evap is -10C , Low side is 0PSI ( -12C Boiling point on R600a ) , Suction line 12" from compressor is -5 C so superheat is around 7C under no load .

Loaded 100% the temperatures are -1C to 0C evap and 15C reported by the CPU .

PCB is full coated in varnish on both side around and under the CPU socket , Then filled with silicone grease and lined around it with armaflex insulation ( still need to do some more insulating ) .

Not the best looking but i am happy with the results for a first attempt : ) .

IMG_20190805_132413 by TwirlyWhirly555, on Flickr