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Returning my X series laser pointer back to Nova lasers


New member
Aug 5, 2010
I recieved my laser pointer and it broke on the second day I had it without any warning. no light comes out of the laser at all. :(

X50 Compact Portable >50mW Laser - X-Series - Novalasers Inc.

So I have an RMA# and plan to redurn it with USPS but I dont know which size flat rate box I should get. Do you think anybody would know that the laser pointer is illegal?

I want to ask which size would be right for me but I dont want my laser to be confiscated. The laser is in the case shown on the website (the Nova Lasers sticker is taken off). If they ask about it I will just tell them its a laser pointer.

So am I safe asking about the box sizes or should I do something else?