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Rayfoss laser review


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Sep 6, 2013
I've just recently received my package for Rayfoss RF445-1W-5in1B blue laser, It took forever because DHL doesn't seem to employ people with any sense of direction. Next time, I suggest to anyone purchasing to use free mail service rather than spend it on couriers that have no idea where they are going.

The product is absolutely amazing, packaging as you can see in photos is perfect. Product is nicely bubble wrapped and comes in a blue magnet case sitting in formed foam, The extra attachments were also put together in their own slot, Upon turning it on I had my doubts but wow! I'm getting glasses (not included) before I turn this puppy on again! it was so super bright that it burned through my pen cap within 3 seconds! I am so buying from this company again, Faona was an incredibly helpful vendor as well always replying at the most 24 hours later. If you decide to buy from them? get ready to have fun! :wave:
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