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Project = 3 lasers RGB all the same model, pwr, form etc


New member
Dec 5, 2011

I've enjoyed perusing your forum and would like to avail of your experience and expertise.

I want to make a 3 color pointer with 3 laser pointers, and be able to switch on the pwr to all three at the same time with a momentary or ON\OFF switch.

What I am looking for is 3 laser models in three colors that I can modify to supply pwr with the external switch. My thoughts are that the modules with the button switch on the end would be the easiest to modify.

Having all three colors\modules in the same cylindrical casing would make it easy for me to bind these together and site them in parallel, but slightly larger modules with 3\4" - 1" front could be mounted through a flat sheet.

I would appreciate any forum members or resellers that can offer suggestions for 3 matching red - blue - green units that take the same pwr supply voltage.

Lastly, if there is an IR module that also match the size\shape\pwr specs of the RGB units, that would be great also.