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Please help!

Jul 25, 2013
Hi all

I know absolutely nothing about lasers, Im writing this post because my mother had a lip filler many many years back and 5 years ago her body started rejecting this permanent filler leaving her with large painful granulomas in her lips that she has tried to get rid of them by using cortisone and steroid injections, surgeons cutting them out a number of times and a few other treatment all that have been unsuccessful and have left her lips very disfigured and sore. She then heard about a Dr Cassuto in Italy who operated on patients with her condition by using an 808 nm diode laser using a intralesional laser technique. She lives in South Africa and traveled to Italy to have this procedure done as she could not find anyone else around the world who did it. She had the very costly laser treatment a few times in the few days she was there and said it made a huge difference. However the granulomas migrated and started forming new painful lumps elsewhere in her lips and in her skin above her lips. She has been trying to find a doctor that is closer to her to perform this procedure again but has had no luck.

The lumps became very painful again and she agreed to try a cancer related surgery where they cut inside your lip and scrape the contents out, then fold the skin outwards and create a new lip. This procedure only aggravated the granulomas and she has more lumps and is in the worst amount of pain she has ever been in since this whole granuloma story began.

We are now searching once more for any doctor that has this laser and can perform the procedure closer to South Africa. I see that particular laser he used is widely available but my mother has said that Dr Cassuto used a needle which heated up and was inserted into the lumps which in turn melts the granuloma lump and is then squeezed out of the lip. The commonly used 808nm diode laser is predominantly used for hair removal so does not require a needle. My question today just to start me on the right path is can this laser have different attachments such as a needle attachment to perform an incision and if so where can you purchase this attachment.

It is not a common procedure thats why I supposed the majority of doctors do not know much about this laser being used in this manner. If anyone knows anything about this please can they reply to this post, I would be very grateful.

Thank you


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Feb 5, 2008

Unfortunately, I must turn your attention that we, and our hobby, specifically branches that we deal with on these forums, is strictly hobby-oriented, or in other words - we make cool toys to play around with.

Any lasers you can buy from us or make with our help would not measure up to professional quality needed for any kind of medical surgery or other purpose.

I do not believe we even have anybody on these forums who would know much about this topic in particular. Mohrenberg comes to mind because he is a medical professional, but I'm not sure about his expertise in laser related surgeries. In any case, you can ask him if you want.

However, in general, I believe you would have more luck asking about this on forums dedicated to medical topics covering your question, instead of here.

I am sorry to hear about your mother's condition, and I wish you the best of luck in finding help, and her making a recovery as fast as possible.

I'm sorry I can't be of more help.