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Need some help with beam combining


New member
Jul 3, 2007
Hello everyone. I have been working with lasers for the past 10 years and the love has not died one bit. But I have never ventured into the world of combining beams out of intimidation. But my laser lust has grown to much and I must do it. I have 2 projects in mind, one is to combine 2 6+W NUBM44 450nm diodes with a PBSC in a portable fashion and the other is to build an adjustable rgb laser in portable fashion as well like this one. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vrwxUbrYNgA (such a ***y laser). Now with the PBSC is there a proper way of mounting and aligning the beams and if so how? Are there compact premade shells to mounts these things. Also same thing for the rgbs laser but with the Dichroic Filters. Is there a shell to mount them? Ive done a lot of searching but I cant quite seem to find what i want .