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Lazerer 50mw Module/Jayrob Chrome pen host


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Jun 3, 2009
Well I usually don't post here on LPF, so those who don't know me, I joined back in summer of '09. I live in the mtns of Fresno, Ca. Enough about me, now to the laser.

I had the oppurtunity to build a laser for one of my customers. I built him just a simple green pen host. I ordered a 50mw module from here,
DIY 50mW 532nm Green Laser Module
I also bought Jayrobs Chrome pen host from here

It took about 3 weeks for all the parts to arrive, and when they did, I got working!
When the module arrived, I hooked it up to my power supply. I noticed the beam was extremely fuzzy due to the lens not being set yet. The lens was completely unfocused (Those who are interested in this module, be aware you must focus and glue the lens solid.)
I fixed this by focusing and then gluing the threads of the module. After this, I had a beautiful vivid green beam!

When I put everything together, the module stuck out the front about 10mm.
I solved this by putting tape around the threads, and screwing an olike case onto the threaded end of the module. I dont understand why these foreign companies are making longer modules.

For the module, I ordered the power graph from lazerer. I received a module with a stable 73mw.

Pros - Beautiful classy laser pointer that impresses everybody (Thanks Jayrob!!).
Cons- besides the module sticking out the front, there are none.
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