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Laserlands 200mW 650nm 601-T Handheld Waterproof Laser


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Dec 11, 2011
Hello everyone!

Here is the second "expensive" laser that I bought from Laserlands.net . I ordered this the same time I ordered the 50mW 450nm pointer, and they were shipped together.

Originally I ordered the #602 laser which is identical except that it is NOT waterproof. Merry Young at Laserlands sent me an email shortly after that the 602s were out fo stock, and offered me a free upgrade to the waterproof 601-T, which I accepted. I submitted the order on 12/9/11, I was emailed about the upgrade on 12/10/11, and the Lasers arrived at my door on 12/13/11. I used the upgraded Expedited shipping service.

I wasn't able to power up the laser until today because this is my first laser which uses Li-Ion batteries, and I could not source any 18650s locally. I had to order some through Amazon, and they only had one supplier in stock. Most of the 18650 cells listed there were marked "currently unavailable", or at best "will be in stock in 2012".

My first impressions of this laser were that it feels very solidly built and has a nice weight in the hand. I did not test out the waterproofing, but I'm not going to be swimming with it, I just want it to be rain-proof, and I'm sure it is. Once I was able to fire it up I was impressed at the range of focus available. With the focusing ring all the way "in" the laser is diverged about 10%. Turning about 3/4turn focuses to infinity give or take a few degrees. From there on out you can move the focal point all the way from infinity to about 2cm in front of the lens (it may even focus closer, but I didn't try it, my goggles are only OD6 and this sucker is bright when focused that close). When focused to infinity you can clearly see the beam through the air on a dark night. You're not going to get beamshots without fog though, after all it is only 1/5W 650nm.

Overall I'm very pleased with the laser. It does what I want and wasn't very expensive. It is well built and will survive the occaisional soaking.

I bought a Nite Ize belt flashlight holster (the "mini") which it fits perfectly. There is space for extra 18650s as well but I don't like carrying those cells around loose. I keep this laser on my belt most nights. I don't really use it for burning or any of the other common laser stuff. I actually use it for night time long range illumination since it won't reset my dark adaptation. When diverged the spot is a nice clean even TEM00 which works excellently as a spotlight. Also, I can always focus it to infinity if I wanted to do some night time pointing. The beam diameter when focused to infinity isn't very tight though so it isn't very visible unless you are not at much of a tangent from the beam's trajectory. Besides, I have my 100mW Pointer for if I want to do long distance pointing or beamshots.


Spot when focussed to Infinity:

Diverged out about 90% at 10ft:
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Mar 26, 2010
One thing I like about laserlands is when you pick the fast shipping, that's actually what they use. Last order I placed got to my door in less than 30 hours after it was shipped.