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Laser Protractor and Parallel helper


New member
Nov 17, 2023
Problem part a) I do a bunch of model making and often I need to check if something is square or parallel and the space is too small to get a ruler into. Im wondering if you could use two line lasers mounted side by side, or even one with a grid diffusion grid? I don't need it to be super accurate, just better than trying to guess by eye. I realise that I would have to ensure that I would need to be careful that I was coming in at right angles to what I am measuring. Are there any mounts that would let me tilt two line lasers away from each other so that I can adjust the gap between two lines. Also ive seen diffusers with parallel lines are they good? Just wondering how square the grid and line lenses stay?

Part b) after I had the idea of two line lasers, i realised you could probably make a sort of laser protractor, where you could turn one of the lasers axially , giving you the angle you want to match. I would probably need to make a special twisting mount with gradations or does something like this exist?

Finally. This only needs to go maybe 50 cm but I would like the lines to be crisp, clear and reasonably thin. Any tips on what sort of hardware I should consider?


Sep 20, 2008
They sell X/Y laser line units for contractors.
You could probably find a cheap one on
AliExpress or elsewhere.. Or you could 3D
print a holder. You can use a Cat Toy Laser
with a Glass Stir stick as the line lens.