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laser newbie alert!!


New member
Jan 19, 2008
Heya guys.
Just joined the forum, and i must say that i'm impressed no end. You have a LOT of information, reviews, hints and tips, ect.

Ive been researching the net for the last few months. After buying a 30 mw New-Wish brand green laser from DX, i was hooked. I know that there are a lot better quality lasers out there, but for the price and being my first one it was fairly decent. Up till now all i've ever had was the cheapo red keychain pointers.

My first project was one of those pocket laser show things (spirograph pattern). I actually bought 2. I kept one as the crappy 1mw red, and modded the other to accept the 30 mw green. Theres a couple of vids on Utube. I didnt make em but you can see what I mean.  


I asked the guy what was involved, but got no reply so went ahead and did it anyway. :)

Next project will be a burning laser. will probably get a diode and Axiz module pkg from Stonetek , and possibly make my own driver, or buy one from Blue Fusion. (What part of Australia u from? might be able to cut down on postage. lol)

Anyway.. Enough rambling.  Got to go and destroy my DVD burner......