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Aug 28, 2009
well, here's my history with lasers, if anyone acutally wants to know...

I'm just some kid, ya know, still in high school
but, I've always lasers were just the coolest things. I even did my physics report about different types of lasers, and such
a few years back, I found wickedlasers, as well as novalasers and optonotrics, but everything was so expensive: far too much for a high school student. I just figured that any high powered laser would cost that much. I ended up buying the 5mW core for wickedlasers, though
Then, not to long ago, I found out that it was possible to build your own with a diode from an xbox or dvd burner!! I whipped out my cheap soldering iron from radioshack and made a current driver from some schematic i found on the 'net (the ddl driver, as it's called here, but without reverse current protection and such: just the bare minimum) and made one in a project box with what I believe is a phr (not sure, but, based off of descriptions here, it sure sounds like one). I found this site somehow soon after, and was glad cuz y'all sure know your stuff! I made a cheapo spiro from stuff i had laying around, too.

i'm not the most knowledgeable in this area. I mean, I'm still in high school! However, I really want to stick around and make this into a hobby, not just one of those dudes that come in to make a burning laser, then leave for good. I have plans for my next two lasers, one from an lpc in an altoids tin, and the other from an sf-aw210 in a flashlight host (i'll have to buy a flexdrive for that one, though...). It doesn't seem like much use the sf-aw210, but i'm not sure why....

Anyway, thanks for all the help i've gotten so far. I hope that i'll be able to start contributing sometime, although that may be pretty far off